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Sara’s Cooking Class – Inspiring Young Girls To Cook {Guest Post} #SarasCookingClass

I’m always looking for apps for my phone to keep my 12 year old busy, and when I can find one that encourages creativity is age appropriate and teaches a life skill, I am thrilled.

When I heard about Sara’s Cooking Class from the people at GirlsGoGames, my interest was piqued.

A fun cooking class wrapped up in an app?  Sign me up!

I love the idea of encouraging not only the creative side of cooking, but using whole food for meals, rather than processed junk from a drive through or microwaved box.

Video: Sara’s Cooking Class from Spil Games on Vimeo.

Based on the popular desktop game on GirlsgoGames, Sara’s Cooking Class inspires young girls to learn more about working with recipes, healthy eating and cooking creatively for themselves.  Miss Sara’s recipe stash includes everything from everything from sushi to burritos to homemade pizza to kebabs to cupcakes.

The app is a fun! This interactive game takes players through the steps necessary to create one of Sara’s recipes, and even includes what kind of kitchen tools to use.  Real world knowledge, people- you’ve got to love that! And, the kids will love playing chef and earning points as they progress through each recipe.

Cooking is such a wonderful, lifelong skill that can have such an impact on health and wellness.  Encouraging kids now to cook for themselves with whole ingredients is so important.  As a mom, I appreciate an app/game that is not only fun, but inspires a new hobby as well.

Sara’s Cooking Class just launched-  both as a lite (free) version as well as a full premium version with additional features. It is available in the iTunes App Store for iOS devices and via Google Play and Amazon Appstore for Android devices. And, you find Sara’s Cooking Class Community on Facebook.

GirlsgoGames, an online social gaming platform tailored to girls, has 50 million monthly active users worldwide and is the world’s largest entertainment destination for tween girls. GirlsgoGames brand is a subset of Spil Games, one of the world’s leading online-games publishers. You can also find Spil Games on Facebook.

{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Tiffany Romero on behalf of Girls Go Game. The opinions and text are all mine.}

  • how cute. I think my daughter would love this game

  • I’ve tried that app, it’s fun!

  • This is cute – my nieces would love it!

  • Maureen @ Wisconsin Mommy

    I love it – sounds like a lot of fun!!

  • Cute app. Maybe if I had had something like this when I was younger I would like cooking more than I do now.

  • What a cute idea!

  • I bet my daughter would LOVE this.

  • This is so much fun! I love the look of the character too!

  • This looks like a great little app! We had home ec in middle school that encouraged us to learn to cook…but my daughter didn’t have that option!

  • Cute! My son already loves to watch me tinker in the kitchen and I know he’ll probably dig this when he is older.

  • Jennifer The Quirky Momma

    I think my 12 year old daughter would really enjoy this game, my 8 year old son probably would, too. Thanks for the info!

  • That is really cool!

  • Billie

    Oh wow, that looks really fun! I’d love to try it out.

  • Sounds like a fun and great app!

  • cooking games are fun I’d be worry putting my daughter in a real kitchen

  • Well damn what if I wanted to use this for my sons when they are older? I think girls want to cook more then boys anyways… boys need a little push. LOL

  • Penelope

    I plan to teach my sons to cook! My daughters in law better appreciate me 🙂

  • Nice app. Not all moms cook these days, so this game will expose kids to cooking, if they aren’t much in real life.

  • How cute! My sons are the natural cooks in my house but as a soon to be chef I love learning apps!

  • This looks like something my daughter would LOVE!

  • Penelope

    Awesome, and if she just wants to check it out first, there is the lite version that is free.

  • Christi @ The Thriftynistas

    This is a neat looking app. I don’t have a daughter but still fun.

  • Jenn

    This looks like a fun way to encourage kids to get in the kitchen.

  • I’m pretty sure my daughter would love this.

  • That’s actually a really cute one. I like it! It’s practical knowledge but done in such a fun format.

  • Maryann

    my oldest son is now a cub scout and if he can bake his own cake without help he will get his next patch. I thought that was cool

  • Donna

    Sounds cool. I’ll check it out!

  • Both of my daughters fit right in to our foodie family and often argue over who will help in the kitchen. This game would be a great outlet for them!

  • This looks like a game my daughter would love.

  • My grandma loves apps like this!