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Adding Beauty To Your Life and Garden With Bulbs (AKA Gardening Made Easy)

This post brought to you by Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done.. All opinions are 100% mine.

My dad has a green thumb. He grows beautiful trees, lovely flowers, and an amazing vegetable garden that provides our family with organic salads for months each year. I don’t have a green thumb, but I have a great appreciation for homes that maintain a beautiful garden outside. It makes me feel that they care about their home, their family within, and their neighborhood outside.

flower bulbs dig drop done
I mainly admired the work I imagined it takes to maintain a beautifully manicured and colorful garden, and I thought that this could never be me. Then I visited DigDropDone.com and learned that apparently there is an easy way to garden, a sort of cheat, in which anyone can have a impressively beautiful flower bulb garden, even if you are a busy mom like me. I read the story of each of the ladies, and while I wear heels while grocery shopping, I definitely identify with Marcy the Super Mom most (she is super busy, focused primarily on being a great mom, and likes to simplify life as much as possible). I can’t believe how easy it seems to be to have a gorgeous garden, no matter how busy I am…with bulb gardening, you pretty much just dig a hole, drop in the bulb, and you are done! Honestly, bulb gardens are so cheerful and colorful that discovering it’s so easy to have one is amazing.

flower bulb gardening decorating ideas

Bulb gardening goes way beyond regular outdoor gardening…did you know you could have a gorgeous, rainbow flower bulb garden indoors, to decorate all areas of your home, give as gifts, and more? I saw the photos above and was inspired to share them- how unique and cute! I personally love lots of color, so a window box flower bulb garden outside my kitchen window or some beautiful flower bulbs in the center of my dinner table sounds perfectly fabulous to me. I am beyond excited to learn how to create my own flower bulb garden on this spring!

Win a $5,000 Lawn Makeover, for a BEAUTIFUL Flower Bulb Garden of your own this Spring!

Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done. wants to educate and excite us ladies about the surprisingly very simple beauty of flower bulb gardening, so is hosting a fabulous contest for a $5,000 yard makeover! To enter, all you have to do is submit a photo of your yard on Curbside Chaos,, and you may be the lucky winner who not only gets a beautiful yard makeover valued at $5,000, but also a visit from Taniya Nayak (@TaniyaNayak on Twitter), who will give you tips and creative ideas on the best way to update your yard, including how to incorporate flower bulbs into your landscape.

I tried out the Garden Guru Tool on the bottom left of the homepage on Curbside Chaos, and it helped me determine which flower bulbs would be best for a garden in my area/climate, and even helped me figure out which I had to pick my country, my location, and the type of flower bulbs I wanted to grow (specifically, when in the spring I wanted my flower bulbs to bloom). Then I was given information and a Planting Guide to make creating a flower bulb garden with my choices easy (I love the buttery yellow color of daffodils, so I wanted to learn how to create a home garden with daffodil bulbs):

plant daffodil garden how to

You can share your results on twitter, and each time you do Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done. will donate $1.00 to Rebuilding Together, the nation’s leading nonprofit which works to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize communities (they just hit $5,000 in donations, so tweet away to get that number up!). This spring we will hopefully be moving out of our condo and into our first home with our own private yard and lawn, and I am very excited about having a beautiful, well maintained lawn and flower garden (especially now that I know how easy it is), so I definitely plan to incorporate flower bulbs heavily into my home garden and indoor home decorating. For now, I will stay with window box gardens outside my kitchen window, filled with pretty flower bulbs…visit www.digdropdone.com to learn more about how you can easily create a flower bulb garden for your own home and family.

flower bulb gardening made easy

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  • I didn’t even know you could do that! Those are beautiful displays!

  • Jennifer

    wow those look gorgeous. I especially love the ones in the rain boots

  • Jessica

    This is wonderful! I am in the process of growing some paper whites and received the recommendation of adding a bit of, (are you ready for this?) hard liquor to their water, so that their stems are stunted a bit and grow stronger to prevent them from falling later. *Side note: I love the fact that alcohol can make a plant stand straighter when it does the opposite to most of us.* I’ll keep you posted on their growth and whether they make it. Right now, they look a little funny, but in six weeks, hopefully I’ll have a fun little arrangement in my house.

  • I’ve never done any type of bulb gardening. I don’t really have a green thumb so I’m afraid of failure, I think.

  • so pretty. I’m ready for spring. I redid our landscaping on the side of the house and found some blubs and didn’t realize what they were and threw them out the following yrs the flowers did not come up… then I felt bad

  • Tammy

    My husband takes care of the bulbs, and I take care of the plants I bring home from the nursery.

  • Zippy Sandler

    I love bulb flowers, they’re so much more delicate.

  • nicole @WriteSpell

    I just love tulips!

  • Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom

    I had bought some bulbs to plant out front for a quick pop of happy color this spring and didn’t get them in the ground in time. I’m so disappointed that I’ll be using annuals again when bulbs are so easy if you can find the time to dig the hole.

  • Louise

    I love the flowers in the Spring.

  • Melissa Au

    I love the idea in the boots. So cute!

  • Theresa

    Those photos are beautiful!

  • Blond Duck

    I can’t wait to start planting!

  • monique

    OMG – I love the rain boots and the easter centerpiece! Awesome ideas!

  • Tulips are my most favorite flowers ever – always wanted to plant them, thanks for sharing the site.

  • Maureen @ Wisconsin Mommy

    I tried planting bulbs a few years ago. Some rodent ate a bunch of them and then relocated the rest. We still have the occasional flower pop up out of nowhere.

  • Lolo

    Those are such pretty displays! I love the flowers in the boots!

  • Anne - Mommy Has to Work

    How cool! I can’t wait to try new things in the new house!

  • Amy

    I love the bulbs in the boots!! How creative!

  • Laurie

    Wow these are great, and I love when gardening is made easy. I manage to kill most of my plants lol.

  • Alison

    I love bulbs! I really should buy some more. And maybe get fancy with them!

  • Donna

    I used to spend more time working on a flower and vegetable garden each year than I have the last 3 years. Maybe I’ll get back into it more this year. 🙂