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Home And Holiday Comforts During The Christmas Season

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Christmas time is a peaceful time of year when we reconnect with loved ones, share warm greetings, and remember what is most important to us. From Thanksgiving until the end of the year, the atmosphere around us seems different. People seem cheerier, the air is crisp and filled with energy, and we all look forward to fun festivities and celebrations.

It’s also a time of year where we spend more time indoors, sheltered from the cold and revelling in the safety and comforts of home. Get-togethers and family time spent to celebrate, reunite, and enjoy great food are plentiful yet the busyness of the season is a joy. My favorite part of the holidays is going to church together with my family, feeling close and serene, and afterwards having a wonderful Christmas dinner together. Some of the wonderful home comforts that always conjure up wonderful feelings for me during the holidays remind me of my youth and the holiday comforts I enjoyed growing up.

home comforts

My Favorite Holiday Comforts Of The Christmas Season

  • Toasty fires and warm blankets suggling up together while drinking delicious hot chocolate or eggnog
  • Decorating our home while enjoying the serenity and happiness of being surrounded by family
  • Delicious dinners of plump ham, roasted chestnuts, apple pies
  • Yummy fragrances of pine needles, cinnamon, eggnog, and sweet pastries
  • Quiet evenings sitting by a window and watching the snow fall gently outside
  • Beautiful Christmas lights, scented candles, festively decorated trees
  • A sense of warmth, generosity, kinship, and holiday cheer in the air
  • What are your favorite holiday comforts? What home comforts make the holidays more special for you?

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    • The smell of cinnamon is one of my favorite, favorite things about the season. I also love the snow, but of course, I don’t get that here. 🙁

    • Tammy

      I like Pumpkin Pie and being with the family.

    • Donna

      Decorating the tree together as a family.
      Drinking hot cocoa in my favorite spot in my house.
      Christmas break – my son is home every day and I don’t have to get up so early.
      Smells of yummy baked goods permeating the house.
      Fires built in our wood burning fireplace.
      That’s a few of my favorite home comforts!

    • Louise

      I love decorating too and drinking eggnog

    • Oh great deal! I am a lover of cinnamon and apples, the smell of pine and fresh baked goods in the oven. You can’t go wrong with that warm toasty fire either:)

    • My heated blanket LOL! My husband always gets it out once the weather gets below 60 😉

    • Zippy Sandler

      Love your favorite holiday comforts, especially the last one.

    • Anne - Mommy Has to Work

      I love the decorations, the lights and just the feel good attitude.

    • Emily

      We always need a Christmas tree! Toasty fires are always nice too.

    • Kelly

      I agree with everything you said except the snow. Mostly because we don’t have snow here. I do enjoy being outside on the holidays though. And I love the smells of fresh baked goodies coming from the oven and the look on my daughter’s face when she sees Christmas decorations!

    • Shop with Me Mama (Kim)

      Definitely the toasty fires in the fireplace, warm blankets, good food and pleasant scented candles!!!

    • cuddling up a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate

    • We make chex mix every Christmas – that’s a big one for us.

    • Theresa

      I love being with my family, all the yummy Holiday treats, and of course Christmas lights!

    • Alison

      I love the Christmas lights. I could just sit in the dark and stare at the tree the whole night 🙂

    • I love a crackling fire … Wish our fireplace was in working order!

    • Sam

      I always think of fires too, but we don’t have a fireplace. It must be the influence from the movies, lol.

    • Whitney at It's Gravy, Baby!

      I’m with you on almost all of those! I especially love looking at Christmas lights, reading Christmas books, and doing crafts with the kids.