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How To Wear Winter White

White is one of my favorite colors for clothes, especially during the winter when it’s cold and snowy out. I love winter white down jackets, cozy white fur boots, soft leather handbags and shoes, and warm variations of white, such as shades of ivory, shimmery pearl, ecru, and creamy off-white.

winter white beauty fashion

I put together a look I would love, which a beautiful wool coat, gorgeous neutral handbag, nubby, cozy mini-sweaterdress, and coordinating accessories. A night out on the town in this outfit, iceskating in Central Park with your friends, sitting by a fireplace drinking cocoa with your honey, and you’ll look hot in the cold weather. Add fun accessories with great details, metal touches, contrasting buttons, and fun designs!

winter white accessories

A great way to make a winter white outfit work is to make sure everything isn’t pure white, but rather a variety of shades of white and off-white as well as complementary colors that work together for an overall crisp winter look. Coordinating accessories will make the look work well, and stockings or an item of a different color here or there are a great way to break up the monochromatic look if you would like, while still evoking the lovely, fresh appeal of a winter beauty. We love the cozy look of faux fur, fuzzy soft sweaters, and thick cotton scarves to add texture and variety to the look as well. Great colors we love to keep your winter white look outfit looking light and clean without too much contrast include beige, nutmeg, cocoa, and chocolate.

winter accessories

  • April Decheine

    Love, Love, Love wearing a wintery white this time of the year, I totally have that scarf too 🙂

  • I adore all shades of white but every shade/tone looks horrible on me. Just doesn’t worl for my complexion. I use it a lot through out my home instead.

  • It’s such a classy color, and I absolutely love it. I just make sure when I wear it NEVER to eat Italian dishes.

  • Maybe once the kids are older I could pull something like that off. Right now, no way!

  • Virginia from That Bald Chick

    I love winter white on others. I spent so many years in white nursing scrubs that I personally refuse to wear white. At all. It was all my mother could do to get me to agree to a white wedding dress. LOL.

  • love love that sweater with some leggins and boots Oh yes tht would be me

  • nicole @WriteSpell

    ****love*** of course in Miami winter white is practically a given. Sans the winter part ya know?

  • Marcie W.

    I’m also a winter white fan. I adore that sweater dress & that plushy looking hat!

  • I have that scarf or something very similar. That sweater dress is adorable *Want*. Great article on how to wear them winter whites!!!

  • Theresa

    Those are great tips! All of those products are beautiful.

  • Kelly

    I love the look of winter white! It’s much more flattering to my color than bright white. Another plus is it doesn’t show my dog’s hair!

  • Donna

    I LOVE winter white. In fact, I wear winter white in the winter more than I wear white in the summer, I think.

  • Laurie

    I dont think im brave enough to wear it lol

  • Alison

    I love those earmuffs!! I try not to wear white anytime of the year because I will spill something on it and then stain it. I shun white. But I wish I didn’t have too lol.

  • Jen @ Jen Spends

    I’m not sure I could pull it off, but I love white in the winter. The season is dark and depressing as it is – why join it? lol

  • Canadian Mom Blogger

    I love it! I never liked the Labour Day rule.

  • Melissa

    I’m in love with that Michael Kors bag!

  • Ali from Daughter-in-Law Diaries

    You totally inspired me! I wore cream jeans with a cream, black and brown leopard top and it looked great. I also featured you in my Links I Loved this week on Daughter-in-Law Diaries!