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More Ice Skating

The boys love to ice skate, and we are definitely going to continue their ice skating lessons during the summer. They each have their own awesome instructor, young ladies with lots of patience with wee ones who make the ice skating lessons fun for them, and I have so much fun watching them skate around […]

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Planning Memorable and Meaningful Family Vacations

Family travel provides the best memories for most of us, and my favorite times growing up were definitely on family trips. Now that I have my own family I try to plan fun trips for us as well, usually starting with a google search of “Best Family Place To Stay in [insert city I’d like […]

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Eat Pure. Be Powerful.

Health and fitness are often on our minds, especially as the weather turns warmer and images of days filled with fun activities on the beach fill our minds. We want to have energy and stamina, and look fit and in shape. Sometimes, a little help getting us there is a great thing. Aloha protein products […]

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Inspired by Voortman – A Wafer Cookie Garden

Having fun with my boys creating DIY works of art is fun, and creating a craft or project they can also eat is especially fun. It turns out Voortman wafer cookies are perfect for building and creating. Just take a look at what my six year old created (before gobbling it up): He used Voortman […]

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For The Love Of Soccer

Soccer is a great sport, one that I grew up seeing the men in my family enjoying with lifelong friends on weekends at local parks. It kept them young and healthy for years, and it’s fun, so I wanted my sons to try soccer out when they were old enough. I started with my first […]

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