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How to Make Your Home’s Exterior Magazine Ready

This is a partnered post. When we first bought our home, we had to wait six months before moving in while major renovations were completed. We focused our initial work on safety, structural issues, and modernizing anything seriously outdated – like the kitchen and main bathroom. But after, we were able to move into our […]

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Tae Kwon Do!

Hana! Duel! Set! Net! It’s go time, because the boys are learning the art of Tae Kwon Do with Master Woo, and they are up for the challenge! Tae Kwon Do (or Taekwondo according to Wikipedia, lol) is a Korean martial art, popular in our area of Long Island. My sons asked to learn karate […]

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Welcome To The Fishing Boat

The boys have been wanting to go fishing. My husband is sooo not interested in fishing, so when he was invited by the school PTA to a Father-Son fishing excursion the school was hosting, he didn’t sign up. We didn’t know my son heard about the expedition in school anyway and asked if he could […]

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A Day At The Bronx Zoo

My boys love animals, and it has been about three decades since I’ve been to the Bronx Zoo (woah! that is crazy to think about), so we bought a family membership for the year with the plan of seeing all the amazing animals the Bronx Zoo has to offer. We are going to interact with […]

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Swimming Lessons!

The boys are back in the pool, taking swimming lessons like the past two years. The difference is, this year, my younger son actually got into the pool. Last year I paid to watch him watch other kids take lessons, and it was not fun for me at all, lol. He promised he would get […]

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