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Make Up for the Day Time #Beauty

Most men love a natural look, and I always felt a bit of makeup could make any woman look prettier, even during the daytime. Makeup should enhance a woman’s beauty, not attempt to alter her face. Learning how to wear makeup to focus on what is naturally beautiful instead of masking perceived flaws is the best way to have people focus on how lovely a woman actually is.

natural beauty blonde

Daytime makeup should always be applied more sparingly that more glamorous evening looks, because the sun shows everything, and a light hand that simply highlights natural beauty with a bit of makeup tends to look best. Here is a basic primer on how to put on simple makeup for a natural makeup (no-makeup) look.

Day Time Makeup Tips For Natural Beauty


1. Foundation is used to improve uneven skin tones or blotchy skin and can be used during the day to make skin look perfect under bright light. Apply foundation lightly to under-eye circles and red area around nostrils only for a non-cakey, natural look that enhances facial beauty. Make sure your foundation color exactly matches your skin tone. You can read tips on how to pick foundation here. You can also go to a department store and ask an experienced sales clerk to help you find the right shade. Ask them to apply it to your face and teach you to apply it before you buy it.

Foundation makeup is a great product because it can make a woman look like a natural beauty with flawless skin (or close to it). Even if a woman wears nothing else, foundation is something I would recommend for daytime makeup.

How To Pick The Right Foundation

2. Lipstick– When women are asked “What three items would you want with you if you were stuck on a deserted island?”, lipstick is usually one of the answers. Lipstick can make a woman prettier and more confident, and look happier and healthier. As a general rule, if you are choosing a color for daytime makeup, a shade that matches your natural lips and is a tad darker is best- no orange lips or dark colors. If you want to look pretty and feminine, avoid odd colors. Lips should look flushed, so a good choice is pink lipsticks or a sheer reddish shade, and glossy lips can be fun and attention getting. Save the dark red lipsticks for the evening.

3. Blush If you lose a lot of color during the winter, or people always ask you if you’re feeling well, blush is for you, for daytime makeup as well. Blush has the ability to make you look younger, healthier, energetic- as a makeup expert once told me, blush should give a healthy glow as though one just had an orgasm (blush!). The best color is a pretty pink or peach color that you would naturally blush in (no one blushes coral or purple) and cream blushes are easy to apply. Applying it to the apples of the cheeks when you are smiling will give you a natural, healthy look. Apply blush before your lipstick so you don’t go overboard and end up with a clownish look.

natural blush

4. Mascara is my favorite item of make up because it’s so fun and flirty, especially if you use a very black, long-lash mascara for a more dramatic eyelash look (perfect for batting your lashes or peering at someone from underneath lowered lids). For daytime makeup, a brown shade is great for a more natural beauty look. Long eyelashes are very youthful and flirty, and my husband remarks often on my pretty eyes when I wear mascara. If you have straight eyelashes and would like to curl them upward with an eyelash curler, do this before applying the mascara or else the eyelash curler may pull your lashes out.

shape eyebrows

5. Well-groomed eyebrows Many women would agree that eyebrow styling can transform a face. If you can do this yourself, I am envious. If you can’t, then like me you should get yourself to an eyebrow shaper once a month. Shaping thick eyebrows can make a woman look more alert and refreshed and often make other daytime makeup unnecessary if you don’t have time to apply any. A well arched brow can be very flattering and pretty. Well maintained brows also give a woman’s face a finished look, one that shows she is well-groomed and cares about her appearance.

These are my basics for daytime beauty, for a natural look that will enhance while not drawing attention to the fact you are wearing any makeup. What tips do you have for lovely daytime makeup?

  • Tracy

    Good tips! I don’t wear alot of makeup myself. Just a bit of sheer foundation, blush, a neutral eye shadow, mascara on top lashes only, and lipstick or gloss. 🙂

  • Anwen

    Yes I know what you mean about garish blue eyeshadow in daytime…fun, but just not quite right! You make me want to have my eyebrows shaped…I’m such a chicken.

  • Fiona

    Hi Penelope, firstly, I love your blog. It makes me feel very calm and feminine just reading it, and is always inspiring. Well done!

    I used to work for cosmetic company Christian Dior, and a great tip I learned about choosing a lipstick shade to suit you, is to try it on the pad of your finger, rather than the back of your hand. The finger pad (the area you type with) is the same colour as your lips whereas the back of your hand is a totally different colour altogether.