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Our First Holiday Party

I recently hosted my household’s first celebration as a married couple (or in my life, for that matter)- my husband’s nameday. We have had get togethers before (we’d have some friends or family over for dinner, or birthdays, etc) but this is the first time I have ever had a party for a specific holiday. We had a great time, invited many people, all of whom came (we did not have enough seats!) and they stayed very late- all of which made me very happy. It gave me a lot of pleasure to see so many people over, having a good time, not wanting to leave. It was a great compliment.

While growing up in my family (a rather large family by today’s standards) we visited my grandparents for every holiday. They were always close to all their children and gathered us all together for the major holidays. Over time, as their children married and had children, the different households would take turns hosting events, and over time each had picked their holiday. My parents always host Thanksgiving, an aunt always hosts Christmas, and an uncle always hosts Easter.

Now that I (the first grandchild) am married, I am stepping forward to claim my own holiday. I plan to have a big celebration for my husband’s nameday each year. A nameday is the annual feastday of a saint, and those who are named after him or her celebrate on this day. It many cultures it is more significant than a birthday. It is especially meaningful for us to celebrate, as my husband is a recent convert to our religion.

In the future, I may also attempt to host more holidays, such as New Year’s, as we have such a good time as a family when we all get together, and no one has picked this holiday yet.

  • Tracy

    So nice that your first party was a success! I’m sure you were a perfectly lovely hostess. 🙂

  • Mimi


    We don’t tend to have a lot of people over either, I should work on that.

  • Anwen

    Thanks for sharing your favorite websites. I really liked reading this http://www.oldandsold.com/books/men-women/men-women-1.shtml

    It kind of raises the bar for us wives! Everyone tells us he should just love us for who we are. People don’t usually expect you strive to be a better wife. It’s always the man that’s a jerk. So thanks for sharing. I love stuff that challenges me!

  • Purpleflowerpatch

    Your party sounds wonderful!! Who is your husband’s name saint?

  • Penelope

    Thank you ladies. Spending time with family and hosting get-togethers is something I’m really coming to enjoy, and hope to do very often.

    Anwen, that was an interesting read. Both men and women should strive to be the best they can for their spouse, who deserve the best from us.

  • Ms. Lucy

    Hi! Your blog is so interesting. Thanks for visiting me on mine;-) I celebrate my hubby’s Name Day too- it’s on July 20th. I’ts a great tradition in our home as well. Keep posting and please come visit again! Thanks, Lucy