Ten Signs Of Real Love

What are the signs of love? What does real love look like and feel like? You want a love story of your own that will last, but how do you know when you really found “the one“? We all know couples that just seem to fit together, to dote on each other, to have a relationship that is totally unaffected by what goes on around them. What is it about them that makes us all recognize we are seeing a good marriage?

love never fails

Well, there are certain factors that couples who claim deep satisfaction with their spouse and marriage have in common, and if you can see yourself and your relationship described here, chances are extremely good that you have a keeper. Assuming all else is lined up (similar values, common goals, etc), do you have these qualities in your relationship or marriage?

Ten Signs Of A Good Relationship

1. You feel good- about him, about yourself, about life. Being with him has given you a more positive outlook on life and love. There is no doubt, no pessimism, no feeling of insecurity.

2.You look forward to seeing him. You want to spend time together, and don’t find yourself looking for excuses to be alone or spend time with other people instead. You are happy just sitting together reading a paper.

signs of real love

3. You respect each other. You are offended if someone badmouths your guy, you don’t allow people to insult him, and you don’t join in on spouse-bashing when others complain about their significant other. On the contrary, you speak well of him and think well of him, and have confidence he does likewise.

4.You care about each others feelings, thoughts, and interests. You ask each other for advice and consider each other when making decisions. You don’t think as an individual anymore, you think about how things affect you both.

5. You accept each other. You don’t have a list of things to fix about him, but appreciate what is wonderful about your love and focus on the wonderful ways he adds to your life.

6. You fight fair. There is no name calling or belitting. You both state your side, and compromise. You’d rather lose the battle than the relationship, and there are no issues so serious that are worth breaking up over because you don’t let that happen. You do not push your partner to the wall by being so disrespectful that it forces them to either break up with you or lose their dignity by staying.

7. You can see a future together. You can see traveling together, see him holding your babies, see dancing together at 90. You can see a full and happy life.

love is forever

8. You protect each other. You don’t allow others to attack your mate, you surely don’t hurt her, and you don’t allow her to hurt herself.

9. You don’t measure each other to past relationships, keep score of who does more, or compare each other to people you could be with instead. You are complete with each other, your relationship is full, you don’t even care about other men or women.

10. You feel safe. You’re not afraid of losing your partner, or being hurt by your partner. You don’t worry about what he’s doing when you aren’t together, and when you have something to say you aren’t worried they will hurt or attack you. You feel secure and loved.

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  • I love this!!! :) That’s how I feel about hubby! <3ReplyCancel

  • What a great post and awesome photos.ReplyCancel

  • These are great tipsReplyCancel

  • When listed and laid out like this, everything seems so simple, yet in everyday life, some of these can be easy to forget and a good relationship can be taken for granted. Thank you for the well needed reminder!ReplyCancel

  • Love all 10 of them and especially the last.
    The last is one many people are unable to come to grips with. They think their partner ‘might’ be off doing bad things behind their backs. Lacks trust. Lacks honesty and probably lacks open discussion.
    If you feel safe, you’ve got a great relationship going so hang on tight for a great ride!ReplyCancel

  • T. Davis

    So True, I absolutely love this.ReplyCancel

  • I love those first few months of new bliss!ReplyCancel

  • That is a beautiful, but sadly rare thing you describe.ReplyCancel