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More On Femininity (Part II)

feminine wiles marilyn monroe
A feminine woman has certain characteristics that others can sense, and find very appealing. She is softer, more delicate, and physically weaker then men, but she isn’t morally weaker. She is poised, refined, and confident. These characteristics are her feminine wiles, and feminine wiles have been used through out history to both please and subdue so that men want to be with her and make her happy.

A feminine woman is happy, with herself, her life, her choices. She doesn’t chase people, and doesn’t want anyone around that isn’t aware of how amazing she is. The feminine wiles of being confident, serene, and happy make people drawn to her and want to be around her aura. She does what she feels is right for herself and her family and makes her happy, doesn’t feel she has to measure up to anyone’s standards or opinions.

A feminine woman doesn’t lift heavy items, she doesn’t argue until she wins, she does not change tires, she does not yell at people, she is not aggressive, or argumentative, or harsh. She lets her man take care of those strenuous things. When she is not happy with something, she walks away. Her absence is punishment enough. She doesn’t complain, she doesn’t explain herself. She just is. Because of these feminine wiles she exudes, her presence fascinates others.

A feminine woman trusts the man she chose and lets him know she has faith in him to take care of her well. This is part of his role as your man, his “sweat” (“In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread till thou returns unto the ground” Genesis 3:19), how he slays dragons for his lady love, how he “brings home the bacon”. He leaves his cave and goes out into the wild to hunt, and it’s a role men are good at and embrace. When a woman takes on these burdens, it takes away from her feminine nature and takes away from his manliness as well.

A woman tends toward being submissive, unless she is asked to do something immoral (a confident woman is never bullied into doing something she doesn’t agree with- she’d rather be happy with herself and alone than do what others want and feel bad about herself). Most feminine women are home-oriented, and in order to be successful there, she needs a man to take care of her and take outside burdens off of her, so she can focus on building up their home and family successfully.

how to be feminine

A feminine woman is tender. She has a natural sympathy for the helpless and the suffering. She may even cry at the end of a novel or movie. This instinct is a beautiful aspect of a feminine woman’s wiles and fascinating to a man, who are not so inclined to be as emotional. She should not feel silly for it or stifle these tender emotions that are part of her natural make-up.

The feminine woman tends to be afraid…of speeding in a car, of bugs, of going out alone at night, of mean people, of barking dogs. She should not pretend to be brave if she is afraid, and she should not march ahead into possible danger because she is ashamed of her fear. It makes a man feel manlier to protect his woman from her fears, to kill spiders for her, to escort her at night, and she should let him. Her man is there to protect her, and she should appreciate his protection.

A feminine woman is like a delicate flower. If she is single, she does not pursue men. Does a flower chase after bees? She is pursued by men, and uses her heart and mind, and her feminine insticts, to decide if a man has the right character for her, if he truly loves her, if he can make her happy, etc. She allows herself to be courted, and allows a man to stop courting her if he chooses. She does not start to pursue him if he stops pursuing her.

A feminine woman does not make things happen, she allows nature to take it’s course by uses her femininity. She is receptive to the attentions of men she likes, but does not approach men, ask for dates, or shower him with gifts. If she is married, she gives her husband space, and allows him to find her when he is done with his work. She does not wait around either. She is busy cooking, cleaning, taking a bath, drinking tea, gardening, reading a good book, going for a refreshing walk, enjoying life.

Enjoying life and being happy are feminine wiles that appeal to men, who want to be around a happy woman and share in her amazing life. If a man doesn’t want what you have to offer, his loss. A woman only wants a man who wants her and can make her happy, otherwise she is better off alone, and this confidence is one of the most appealing feminine wiles.

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  • Emma

    found your blog via your comment on mine! I loved your two articles on Femininity and have been slowly reading through your archives.

    I noticed on your menu planing post that you do eat meat on Wednesdays or Fridays. Are you Orthodox?

    I plan to link to your femininity posts on my blog today!

  • Penelope

    Hi Emma, My husband and I are Orthodox and keep the Wednesday and Friday fast. I enjoy your blog a great deal also!

  • candleprayer

    Hi Penelope, I followed Emma’s link here. These are beautiful posts! Thankyou. I’m adding you to my blogroll, and sending this link to a bunch of my friends.

    Oh, and I’m Orthodox too. I always love finding new Orthodox bloggers especially women that think like me!

  • Meg

    OH! AND YOU’RE ORTHODOX, TOO!! I’m just thrilled — so am I!

  • KinaBolina

    These pieces are very inspiring! Thank you for blessing me with these words, I am always looking for Feminine inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    this is sort of sexist… ALOT sexist

  • sylviekell

    This article is interesting; but, you keep showing pictures of Marilyn Monroe. Although she was considered feminine by Hollywood’s standards, I can’t help but wonder if you realize that she was a depressed woman who was addicted to drugs and ultimately committed suicide. She is certainly not the role model that we should seek.

  • Penelope

    I don’t think any woman in Hollywood is a role model by the way they live their life, but as a model of feminine beauty (and the image they portray) they are good examples. I know about her personal life, very sad (and a reason I would never want a daughter of mine to pursue acting or modeling).

  • Erin McLaughlin

    You nailed it on the physically weaker part and needing protection. My wife can barely lift a carton of milk and I do for her. She is weaker even than other women and I love that. The idea of her needing my protection and help is such a turn on.

    But I want to be clear. It is a turn off if a girl pretends to be weak. But a major turn on, if she really is that weak.