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Perfect S’mores Anytime and Everytime!

Partnership with Mama Mary’s

Summer is over and school is back in full force, but one thing we enjoy all year long is making s’mores. It doesn’t matter whether we’re hanging out with family at an outdoor picnic on a summer evening, or cuddling around a bonfire on a cool autumn night, it’s one of those timeless treats that just makes kids happy. One thing I don’t love about toasting marshmallows over a fire is how much they burn (charred marshmallow isn’t that great), or how hard it is to make them without making a mess. It’s not easy to smoosh a large marshmallow onto a chunk of chocolate and smash them both between two pieces of graham cracker without the whole thing falling apart, but my sons love how they taste, so we did it.

Mama Mary’s makes a S’mores Dessert Pizza Kit that can be enjoyed any time of the year, and it’s so easy to make (no mess), because we can bake it in the oven, and it’s a dessert pizza with layers of all that graham, chocolate, marshmallow goodness in perfect proportions. It’s not only very tasty, but the aroma that wafts throughout the house as soon as we open the package (multiplied while it cooks) was literally drawing people into the kitchen to find out “what that wonderful smell is!”

And it’s easy to make! Mama Mary’s S’mores Dessert Pizza Kit is basically a layered pizza pie that can be decorated, sliced up and shared (or not- the kids can each have their own pie), and it’s made in three easy steps- 1. preheat oven, 2. place graham cracker pizza crusts on a baking sheet and top with even coat of chocolate flavored sauce (included in package; I used a spoon to spread out the chocolate), 3. bake at 425º F for 8 minutes (the chocolate sauce gets bubbly!), 4. remove from heat and drizzle on marshmallow topping. We wanted to have fun so made designs, and there is a lot of marshmallow in the package so you could probably completely cover the chocolate layer with a marshmallow layer if you aren’t in an artistic mood with your food 🙂

The family rated Mama Mary’s S’mores Dessert Pizzas two thumbs up, and really loved it. The graham cracker pizza crusts do not fall apart, so it was easy to transfer from the baking dish to plates, and for the kids to hold with ease. They loved the taste and ended up adding more mozzarella topping because it was so tasty

Mama Mary’s S’mores Dessert Pizza Kits are available now nationwide for $3.99, and a package contains everything needed to make two S’mores Dessert Pizzas of about 7 inches each (I would say a package serves at least four, so the entire family can enjoy). Kids can even make it themselves, and only need caution after baking (let it cool before taking out to add marshmallow layer).

If you want to spend more fun indoors time with the family, and love delicious s’mores, this is a great way to have fun together and have everyone involved in making their own dessert- and in an incredibly easy, non-messy way (no spilling flour! no stick sugar messes!). Enjoy more delicious time at home ♥︎