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Hooray Heroes- A Valentine’s Day Gift For Kids From Dad

I’m a lucky gal who has several Valentines- my three guys! I recently discovered Hooray Heroes, which creates personalized books for children with characters that looks like your kids, and they specifically offer a “Daddy’s Edition” which is so incredible I wanted to make one for each son. The book is called “When Theo Grows Up” but of course is personalized with your child’s name in the title on the cover, and throughout the book. Each book features a dedication page so parents can write a special note for each child, and a choice of professions your child can grow up to become.

Throughout the book’s pages, filled with a father’s hopes for what his child might become, are the names of our sons and my husband. Now tell me, don’t these look like my husband and boys?

The pages are beautiful, with amazingly sweet and cuddly graphics specific to your child and the professions. Will my son become an astronaut, a professor, a fire fighter, an adventurer? Who knows, but the inspiration is here, and I mixed it up because my boys and their dreams are so different. My favorite pages were the president (hey, you never know) and the super hero profession. I already kind of think of my three dudes as super heroes, so it was a natural fit for their books.

Valentine’s Gifts That Boys and Dads will love!

The best part was their reactions when I present them with their personalized children’s books created with a character that looks like them ♡ I’m not sure who loved it more, but my youngest son not only couldn’t stop pouring through the pages, he made me read him the book, then his dad when he came home from work, then he read it again a third time, sitting us all down while he read it aloud and showed us the pictures. He loved that it was personalized. My husband got a real kick out of the books and likes their new bedtime routine of reading it together, and my older son put it away on his book shelf of favorite books after reading through it. When you see such excitement on the face of a gift’s recipient, you know you picked right. They love that the characters look like them and their dad, they love the dedication in the front of the book, they love that their names are all over it, and they love reading through so many ideas of what they can become, with cool pictures. Hooray Heroes’ “When [Name] Grows Up” book is a winner, and if you have daughters, of course you can personalize the pictures with a character that looks like her too!

Check out the selection of personalized children’s books at Hooray Heroes here, and order by the end of the week for discount shipping in time for Valentine’s Day ♥ Want a peak behind the scenes? Here is how they make the books!