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Stuck At Home? Free Resources For Kids To Keep Learning (and some for adults too)

COVID-19 has dominated the news and completely changed our lives in a very short amount of time. Coronavirus has become a pandemic, and in our efforts to “flatten the curve” many of us are facing weeks to months of canceled school, work, life events, while practicing social distancing and self quarantine to protect our most vulnerable. It’s affecting our daily lives, routines, and ability to proceed with our “normal”, and children are suddenly home all day. While schools are making a wonderful effort to move toward online learning, it’s going to take a lot of effort on all our parts to help streamline this process to keep our children connected and able to continue their educations.

There is a lot of great advice out there about what to do if you contract COVID-19, and in a future post I hope to gather the best of it together to help readers. For today, because of the major shift for families with children, I wanted to offer some ways to keep learning at home going, and reduce the impact on kids as much as possible.

Teaching Children (and adults) At Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

1. Read… a lot! The best way to become a better reader is to read, so spend time each day reading (you too- you are the example), and rereading– considered by some the best type of reading. If your local libraries are closed, download one of the free online library apps- Libby, Overdrive, or Hoopla- and read eBooks on your devices. Many libraries also offer free movies through the apps.

2. Keep up with vocabulary lessons, grammar, and writing lessons with the help of IEW (the Institute for Excellence in Writing). They are currently offering three free weeks of lessons to help forced homeschoolers who don’t have access to internet learning through their local schools, and those whom have never taught at home before- they can help ensure your children don’t fall behind in language arts.

3. Learn a new skill with Skillshare, including how to write a novel, take beautiful photographs, waterpaint, start a successful YouTube channel, code, and much more. Skillshare.com is offering two months free and if there is a skill you’ve always wanted to learn, now is a great time to devote to .

4. Enjoy 20 days of free lessons for grades pre-K to grade 9 from Scholastic Parents. Lessons include nature, history, and science topics that are wonderful and both kids and parents will love.

5. Well Trained Mind is offering their educational workshops and seminars for free during this crisis, as well as a 20% discount on all their digital educational resources with code “stuckathome”.

6. Audible if offering Audible Stories for free, a selection of children’s stories and classic novels in high quality audio format and read by talented narrators.

7. Foodist Kitchen is offering her usually $99 30-day cooking course for free with code COVID19. I’m excited to try this one out since I love to cook (just signed up).

8. A lot of great drawing, photography, business, and painting courses are being offered by Brit + Co for free with code “SELFCARE” until March 31st.

9. MEL Science is offering free online science classes for the next three months here.

More information about the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many have been more directly affected by COVID-19, … postponed weddings, cancelled graduations, worries about having to possibly close down a small business that can’t weather a monthlong loss of income. During this time of self-quarantine, many of our elderly are even more isolated than ever. In addition to helping our children through this difficult time, we can try to find ways to support local businesses and stay in touch with the elderly who make need help (or just someone to call them).

While we are all in quarantine, here are some great tips (including some from a friend who is a nurse):

1. Don’t panic. This isn’t great, but it’s not the plague, so there is no need for ridiculous end of the world thinking. And please don’t panic buy and leave nothing for your neighbors. Everyone needs toilet paper, clean water, and some food.

2. The best thing to do while quarantined is to try your best to avoid COVID-19, so this doesn’t continue unnecessarily. Don’t go out to public places where large groups gather, wash your hands often, and just cancel or postpone events (no matter how important they are). This is just not the time to attend a wedding with 200+ guests, or have a graduation party. We need to expedite getting through this, and then celebrate after.

3. It’s also not healthy to stay indoors for so long, so every day, try to get your family outdoors for a walk or fresh aware while still practicing social distancing. Don’t go to parks, anyplace crowded, and don’t embrace or shake hands with anyone. Stay close to home but still get some exercise and fresh air to boost your immune system.

4. If you find there are no hand sanitizers left to buy, make hand sanitizer at home with ingredients you like already have.

Homemade Hand sanitizer

2 parts isopropyl alcohol to 1 part aloe vera gel. Add 5 few drops of your favorite scented essential oil if desired (such as lavender).
If you have witch hazel instead, use 1 1/2 parts witch hazel to 1 part aloe vera gel

Stay safe, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions about the various educational online programs available!

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