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A Kid Gamer’s E-Rated Library for the Nintendo Switch

My sons love gaming, particularly on the Nintendo Switch (which lets them switch back and forth between playing on a handheld device and playing on our smart TV). They have a collection of games they favor, a pack of exciting video games with amazing graphics that are all rated E and E+ (“E” rating is for everyone, and are child friendly with nothing scary, inappropriately mature, or questionable). Most recently we added New Super Lucky’s Tale to our collection, as well as two new Pokemon games, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. All are role-playing games that put the boys in the position of aspirational heroes that fight bad guys with cool abilities. It’s a great thing that child-targeted “E” rated games are such great quality, because they love them and I am happy to oblige them when the activity is wholesome and safe 😉

The boys love these games because they are fun, exciting, and challenging, and they feature some of their favorite animated gaming characters. I love them because 1. they learn a surprising amount from these games, particularly new vocabulary, and 2. I can utilize them as motivators (I have no problem using video games in a reward system for great grades and good behavior- and it works, because they want that prize!)

New Super Lucky’s Tale features Lucky the fox, who travels through the Book of Ages to collect pages and restore them to the book and save the day. There are both 2D and 3D gameplay, boss battles, puzzles, multiple adventure levels, and it’s just pure fun. My son has been playing this during his free time for a while and never gets bored. This is his #1 game to play right now.

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield both involve capturing Pokémon for battles, camping with them, cooking, and playing with them, discovering multiple new and interesting Pokémon, completing puzzles before winning battles with Gym Leaders to earn badges, and more. Battles can be played with other players online in cooperatives in an open world area, making the game more expansive and exciting. This information is all from my seven year old son, a super-fan, who was very specific about what I write to explain the games he loves.

We were sent a few E-rated games from Nintendo for the boys to play with and share. Opinions are 100% theirs.