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A Weekend At America’s #1 Family Resort

We needed a family getaway, and after visiting Woodloch Pines resort during the winter a few years back, we always knew we wanted to return again in warmer weather. We just spent a weekend a Woodloch Resort- recently selected as the #1 family resort in the country by USA TODAY in their Reader’s Choice Awards- and fell in love with it all over again. It’s a place to visit any season, because there is so much do enjoy all year long. And here are some of our own highlights:

The views

I really need to start by telling you how utterly beautiful the scenery is. All rooms have a view of Lake Teedyuskung, and going for a hike during the early morning, or sitting on your balcony or porch and watching the sunset, is so relaxing and serene it’s almost otherworldly. On our last day, I sauntered outside and took pictures because it was so breathtaking, and when my son woke up he asked to join me. He is only ten, but wants to learn how to use my cameras, so we spent an hour taking pictures together, making the dreamy setting more magical, because it was the first time I ever took him out shooting. He did a great job, and loves taking pictures of Woodloch Resort’s many beautiful trees, cute wilderness critters (lots of baby chipmunks, birds, and squirrels), and gently winding trails. The lake was misty in the morning, creating a rather hypnotic haze that we just quietly reveled in.

We were here previously for a winter family getaway too, and Lake Teedyuskung is just as lovely when the water is frozen and the trails are covered in snow. If you love the outdoors, peaceful family getaways, stunning natural backdrops, and fun activities everyone in the family can enjoy, you would love a family vacation to Woodloch Pines Resort. And if you would love to have some family portraits, there are benches everywhere with beautiful backgrounds of nature to frame a lovely family photo.

30+ daily activities

Today, the small resort on Lake Teedyuskung that Harry and Mary Kiesendahl bought in the 1950s (to escape the New York rat race) is now the fairytale-like Woodloch Pines, sitting on over 1,800 acres with three distinct, award-winning properties. It welcomes over 100,000 guests every single year and is the #1 family resort in the country. It’s open every season, and was also voted one of the top 1% of hotels in the world on TripAdvisor. Woodloch Springs was recognized by Golf Magazine as one of the “finest courses in America,” and The Lodge at Woodloch: A Destination Spa is ranked among the top five spas in the world by Conde Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure.

There is so much to do at Woodloch. We did a lot, and we didn’t do a lot, because there is so much to do so we couldn’t even do half of what was offered. There are game rooms, bumper boats, batting cages, water skiing, a craft room and toddler room, comedy shows and hosted contests, marshmallow toasting and cook-outs, karaoke nights and mini-bowling and mini-golf. The boys rode ponies and went paddle boating, watched a magic show, saw nightly movies, and competed in three rounds of bumper cars, and much more. There are over 30 activities each day for families to enjoy and there are things to do for all ages.

(they really loved bumper cars- they kept going back!)

Our Mt. Laurel Suite

We stayed in a room at the Mt. Laurel Suites, with a patio, full kitchen with a refrigerator, range, dishwasher, cookware and tableware, a washer and dryer, and a living room and dining space.

Our room provided us with an incredible view of Lake Teedyuskung…

… and was right near the indoor pools and splash zone and slide (which the boys loved).

The food and service

There are many family resorts that are beautiful, many that have a variety of activities, and many that offer abundant meals. I think what makes Woodloch special is that it combines all of these, and adds the most important ingredient of all- excellent service. Everywhere attentive staff are friendly and ready to serve bountiful meals, and the Kiesendahl family that created Woodloch are always on the premises, walking around and ensuring their guests are happy. It’s clear this is a real family resort, and the Kiesendahl family (third generation) is part of the famous hospitality. Woodloch employs 900 as during the colder months, and 1400 during the summer, and they speak glowingly of being a part of the Woodloch family.

The food is incredible, which is probably something many prior guests of Woodloch Pines might mention first. It’s plentiful and varied and delicious, and the coffee station in the lobby and coffee house nearby on property also made sure I was happily caffeinated and able to keep up with the boys ♥︎ There were theme nights, character visits, and live music… there was no end to keeping us entertained.

Woodloch is for families

While we were there, we witnessed multiple large family reunions, weddings, and more. We found out many of these families return every single year, growing bigger as new generations are added on to their own family. They joined other families in competitions, karaoke nights, chatting around fire pits, and enjoying nightly shows. There is definitely a “back to the basics” feeling, a sort of return to something better, and I honestly can’t recall seeing anyone chatting on a cell phone or any children playing on tablets. I left my phone in our suite every day (something I haven’t done in years, probably since I started using smart phones in 2007), and had no desire at all to see what was happening on twitter or to check my emails. My sons did not ask us to turn on the flat screen TV in our room, or to play on their iPads. We just didn’t want to be distracted from each other.

And I think this is what makes Woodloch special. Families want to be here. My husband discussed returning here in the years to come with our boys, and one day with their kids. It felt like everyone who was here was home ♥︎