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Inspired, Handcrafted Vegetarian Pizza

This is a partnered post.

Healthier tastes more delicious, and as a good friend said to me today, “Pizza is the perfect food”. Almost a quarter of the population votes for pizza as their favorite food, so what can be better than healthy pizza? Sweet Earth wants to feed the masses their favorite food in a way that is much better for them, and still incredibly tasty, and I am here for it!

Sweet Earth Foods offers a variety of frozen foods, and this week we had a pizza fiesta and tried out a variety of Sweet Earth pizzas together with friends. We dined on Sweet Earth Herb Lover’s 5 Cheese Pizza, Veggie Lovers Pizza, and Protein Lovers Pizza. All are handcrafted pizzas rich in flavor and made with predominantly organic ingredients that are plant-centric. Since a plant-based diet is better for us and for the earth, incorporating Sweet Earth’s foods into your meal planning saves you time and has larger-reaching benefits as well (even their Protein Lovers pizza tricked me with delectable vegan pepperoni- good for carnivores looking to eat healthier!).

The Herb Lover’s 5 Cheese Pizza is made with mozzarella, fontina, asiago, romano, and parmesan cheeses, melted over a mouthwatering rosemary herb crust and topped with a savory layer of pesto. The overall result is a bold, wonderfully flavored pizza that is spicy and incredibly tasty, and each serving provides 14 grams of protein, is high in fiber, and a good source of iron too. This is probably my favorite pizza because I love pesto and all those cheeses!

The Protein Lovers Pizza, my husband’s favorite (he really couldn’t tell it was vegan meat), features a yummy crust topped with Planet Pepperoni, Tuscan Savory Grounds, and roasted bell peppers. I actually didn’t realize it wasn’t real meat either, and the texture and flavor could have fooled anyone. This pizza is soooo good! The cheese, peppers, and vegan meats are a perfect combination.

The Veggie Lovers Pizza features a delicious medley of vegetables that make it a great way to eat more veggies; there are brussel sprouts, corn, broccoli, and mushrooms spread all around the tasty pizza crust, which is made with corn meal, carrots, and chia. It’s 70 percent organic and only has 6 grams of fat per serving.

I found Sweet Earth pizza and other Sweet Earth products at a local food mart; it’s available at Whole Foods and many other retailers nationwide, so it’s easy to find. All Sweet Earth Foods are high in protein, fiber, and nutrients, are vegetarian or vegan, and have organic ingredients. Many other Sweet Earth Foods are inspired by international fare and can expand your palate with some truly wonderful meals. Learn more about all their products here. Find Sweet Earth near you here.

And tell me, for a quick dinner ready in about 15 minutes, doesn’t this look good???