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Support Our Military With The USO’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Giving Tuesday has recently passed, but our desire to give and show our gratitude continues this time of year as we all consider organizations and people that mean a lot to us, and do so much for us. The USO has a history of offering support to our troops, because the men and women in our military sacrifice so much for us- and so do their families. I admire the work of the USO so much I used to volunteer at the USO Metropolitan- I was the greeter at the front desk. I helped military visitors and their family find their way around Manhattan when they were visiting my city. I appreciate them so much, and this year all of us who are looking for a way to support our troops can give gifts that are on their wish list!

If you’d love to support our military and contribute toward the USO Holidays campaign, you can find the USO Holiday Gift Guide here! You can directly support the USO’s mission to offer the comforts of home to the hundreds of thousands of military on duty and away from home this year, as well as their family who supports and sacrifices along with them. All your donations are doubled thanks to sponsors, making your gifts twice as impactful for service members stationed far away from home and missing precious moments and favorite traditions.


Consider these meaningful gifts:

1. Long Distance Bedtime Stories This gift offers storytelling for children whose mother or father are away for months or years on end, fighting for our safety. Seeing and hearing their absent parent lovingly read them a bedtime story is a beautiful, uplifting thing for those who are hit hardest by deployments. The USO Long Distance Bedtime Stories package makes the separation a little easier by funding one recording of a service member reading a bedtime story on camera to send home to their children through the USO Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program.

2. Fill the Feature Films Library After a long, stressful day, our service members can’t come home to a comfortable couch in their home and a good movie with their family – they’re thousands of miles away, on the frontlines. With the Fill the Feature Films Library gift, the USO can provide service members with the latest movies to watch and relax with in their downtime.

3. Comfort Food Packages Needless to say, a home-cooked meal is nourishing for the body and should. When far from home, our military craves the familiarity of their favorite, home-cooked meals, but they can’t go home to dinner on the table. However, with this gift, they can receive USO Comfort Food Packages that offer a taste of home after long, stressful days on the front lines.

You can support our heroes with any of these three cherished gifts here.

Our support helps service members and military families know and feel that they aren’t alone and we stand behind them as a grateful nation. They are working around the clock to protect our nation, and we can support the USO in their mission to strengthen service members and keep them connected to their home, family, and country. Providing them comfort during the holidays is an amazing way to show our gratitude. If you’d like to help the USO by creating a facebook fundraiser to accept donations, you can find more information here.

This post was sponsored by the USO. All opinions are my own.