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Planting Trees In The Fall

Last spring we planted apple trees in our backyard, with the boys help. I love trees and love the idea of a home surrounded by trees, and was so happy to finally plant some in my yard. During the late summer, I planted an additional tree, a saucer magnolia tree, right in the middle of my front yard. I know it to be a beautiful tree, and so far the young sprout in our yard looks like it is growing healthy and strong, so I can not wait until the day it starts to bloom, providing bursts of beautiful pink flowers.

I ordered our potted saucer tree from ArborDay.org, the same place I received my two bare-root apple trees from. I was surprised at how affordable a potted tree was, and how easy to care for. There was no concern about having to plant a seed and hoping it grows, or struggling to grow a tree from a cutting. These potted trees from Arbor Day Foundation are ready to go, with roots already growing in the pot and leaves already sprouting on top, making the tree recognizable early on. I feel like it also gave our tree a better chance to survive, because it wasn’t dependent on my mediocre green thumb to care for it during a more fragile earlier stage.

We received the potted Sauce Magnolia tree, and had the hole ready in my front yard, marking the spot. I kept the roots in water for a day or two even though the teeny sapling looked healthy, because it just endured some transport and the instructions were to ensure the tree wasn’t feeling stressed. I kept it in the shade in a bucket of water, and then planted it in the waiting hole. I watered it in the days after because our weather was a bit dry, and when it started to rain I didn’t have to do anything further.

The tree has been growing, and I am sooo excitedly looking forward to looking out my bedroom window in the years to come to see beautifully colorful magnolias waving at me from the branches, and walking down my front path with the scent of the magnolias greeting me as petals drift gently on the wind onto my grass. It’s so dreamy and I’m so happy ArborDay.org offers affordable trees so any of us can surround ourselves with nature’s gift of trees ♥︎

Planting Trees in the Fall

I was really concerned about planting our Saucer Magnolia tree in the autumn, because winter was coming and I just assumed that would be it for our little offshoot. Our apple trees were planted in the spring and seem to be struggling a bit, and I didn’t know if planting in the fall would be even worse. Then I read this article about why it’s great to plant trees in the fall, and my fears melted away. I didn’t know planting in the autumn season gave the roots of young trees an additional season to grow and become strong before it had to face the harsh summer sun, and in addition to a few other reasons, I’m glad we planted our latest tree now.

The tree is thriving. It’s already growing, and going forward, I think I will plant future trees just before the cold begins. Now that I know that the roots growing during the winter is optimal, it actually seems the ideal time. If you are thinking of planting trees, it’s not too late- it’s actually a great time to plant a tree! Order now at ArborDay.org.

To sit in the shade of a tree in ten years, plant it today ♥︎