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Memory-Making Mom

I recently read a book that made me cry, and it wasn’t because it was sad. It was because it made me realize how precious time is, how much I mean to my children, and how much of an impact I have in my own home. I recently read Memory-Making Mom, in a single sitting, with a cup of coffee, and closed the book determined to cherish the moments with my family more, to be silly together more, to laugh together more, and to be present in these valuable moments much, much more. If you are a parent who wants to build a lifetime of strong, warm memories to fill your child’s heart and memory forevermore, Memory-Making Mom is a GREAT book for you (or as a gift to a new mom too).

I’ve always felt that creating traditions with your family is important. Having things you can look forward to- maybe each morning, each Sunday, or every year on a specific holiday- can be a glue that holds a family together even as your children grow up and venture off. There are hundreds of memory-making ideas in Jessica Smartt’s wonderful book, ideas to create traditions, a foundation for family life and building a family’s strong bonds as they are enjoyed, repeated, and looked forward to in the future again.

I so loved this book that I literally did not stop reading until I was done. I received an e-book copy to review, so was not able to highlight, but I’m thinking of buying a hard copy so that I can do just that, and refer to often as I create a family bucket list and check things off. Some of the lovely ideas Smartt shares with moms who want to create memories include:

* Pizza dinner every Friday night on paper plates or fondue night every Saturday (come up with your own favorite!)
* Make snowman pancakes for breakfast on snow days
* An annual trip to the same beach
* Watch an Easter movie each year during Lent (particularly rewatching a favorite one so it’s something all look forward to)
* Have an all-night family game night to ring in the New Year

I love these ideas! Her ideas inspired me to come up with so many of my own- pulling out favorite picture books to reread with hot cocoa on the first snow day each year, having an annual water balloon fight to celebrate the end of a school year, and so many other ideas I start to list in my own notepad (that is quickly overfilling with ideas).

Traditions are a planned determination to remember, celebrate, and value what is important.

Part of creating this sort of family life includes building a warm, welcoming home, and Smartt gives tips for this as well, including encouragement to declutter and decorate in a way that creates a family ambiance. This book covered it all, including recipes that offer comfort and can quickly become beloved family treats, and ideas for celebrating various religious and patriotice holidays in a more beautiful and meaningful way. This book is amazing! Everything a family does together should be done with acceptance, warmth, and love- whether going on adventures, learning, or having fun. Memory-Making Mom offers inspiration to make this happen ♥︎ I recommend this book to all my fellow mamas who want to offer their children a childhood filled with all good things that are lovely and matter.

I was sent a review copy to share with my readers and share my honest opinion.