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Fun Family Activities In Malibu

With a hectic schedule and a legion of household chores, it becomes hard to take out time for your family. Going out for a dinner or two doesn’t make any difference. You hardly get time to catch up with your family members. Even while dining or lunching, one is busy gawking at his/her smart phone. You hardly strike a conversation with your close ones. All thanks to social media which has affected our real equations adversely. To make up for that one should plan a trip or two with his/her family. Family trips are always fun and they also give you an opportunity to fine-tune your equations with your near and dear ones. Now, you might be wondering which destination to zero in on for a family trip. Well, don’t think twice and book your tickets for Malibu. Book a Malibu luxury home for you and your family, and make the most of your trips. Plus, there are a series of fun family activities in Malibu which you can opt for. Here’s a list of things you and your family can do during a trip in Malibu:

The Getty Villa:

If history and art interests you, then do make your way to Getty Villa. This magnificent villa will give you an excerpt of Greece, Rome and Etruria’s art history. The villa is based on one of the most luxurious houses of Rome and it’s a perfect getaway for a family outing. You can take a casual stroll down the lanes of this villa and have a nice time with your kids and wife. Plus there’s a children shop along with a family restroom. The family restroom will also keep kids engaged as it has a legion of things kept as exhibits.

Malibu Country Mart:

Malibu Country Mart is the best place for a family outing. From shopping to yoga, from acupuncture to a car wash, Malibu Country Mart has everything to offer under the sun. On a balmy morning, you can come down with your family to this exciting one-stop destination for all the fun activities and make the most of your stint. Also if you are a movie buff, you will get to see a handful of Hollywood stars. So, now you know why to make your way to this fun and exciting place.


Are you a surfing buff? Surfrider is definitely your kind of place. Located adjacent to Malibu lagoon, this place is a haven for dedicated surfers. Though there’s a limited swimming space, your kids can go to Malibu Lagoon and make the most of their jaunt. Also, it’s a place which is home to almost 200 species of birds. So, it’s the best place for kids. You not only enjoy surfing with your family, but it also offers an educational trip.

Zuma Beach:

Zuma beach is one of the coveted beaches of Malibu. It has a legion of things to offer on the plate. Be it playing volleyball or hogging on toothsome food, Zuma beach is the it place for vacationers who come down to Malibu with their families. Plus it has Point Dume, which is the must-go spots for rock climbing. It looks out onto the Pacific which makes it all the more attractive. Also if you are off to Malibu in the springtime, do not miss out on the grey whales.

Malibu Pier:

If you want to spend a lazy, peaceful day with your family, zero in on Malibu Pier. With a handful of shops and restaurants, it’s the best place for a family outing. You can go fishing with your kiddos at the Pier and have some good time. Kids love fishing. So what are you waiting for? Malibu Pier it is.

Solstice Canyon:

Is your family crazy about hiking? Solstice Canyon is your thing. Though the beautiful view of Pacific Ocean will knock you off your knees, you can’t miss out on the fun of hiking. It has a hike range of easy to rigorous. So even if you or your family members are rookie hikers, there’s a lot you can do in Solstice Canyon. Plus, there is Kellar House, which is an abandoned cottage house. It’s a complete marvel for history lovers. Also, you can cut some really eye-grabbing frames at Kellar House.

Fredrick Weisman Museum of Art:

Fredrick Weisman Museum of Art is one of the best art museums, California has to offer. It’s a contemporary art museum located on the campus of Pepperdine University. It focuses on the art of California. It has featured some of the most coveted artists of the world such as Basquiat, Chihuly, Lichtenstein etc. It’s open throughout the week except for Mondays. It’s also a perfect place to chill as the Pepperdine University’s sprawling campus has a lot to offer. So, do not miss out on this art museum.

So, now that you know some of the must-visit places in Malibu which will make your family trip all the more interesting, pack your bags and book your tickets as soon as possible. However, these just some of the many places which you can go to while in Malibu, there are other mind-boggling places which you can’t afford to miss out on. Also, do not forget to book house rentals. Malibu has some really good rental homes, which can catapult your trip a notch higher. On that note, get set and go and make the most of a rocking family trip in the midst of Malibu’s beautiful beaches.

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