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Inspired Books For ZonderKids

We love inspirational, faith-based reading, both for the kids and the adults in this household. I absolutely loved Restoration House by Kennesha Buycks, a guide for creating an oasis at home that serves the family and truly makes all who enter feel warmly welcomed. I loved Kind is the New Classy by Candace Cameron Bure so much that I bought the audible version as soon as I finished reading my kindle edition, and I became a such a fan of Zondervan books as a result of this string of amazing new releases I couldn’t put down, that I now keep an eye out for all their new books.

I’m also fond of ZonderKidz books, which are not only lovely for younger readers, but so beautifully illustrated that I save them when my sons are done reading them for future generations, and buy further copies as gifts. Found is a feast for the eyes (and only 99 cents for the Kindle version, but trust me, you want the board book), and both my sons read through the Paraclete Bible for Kids during our read aloud time. They loved it and had so many wonderful, thoughtful questions as they read- it’s a great edition of the Bible for early readers and so beautifully illustrated.

I was recently sent a new selection of books for children to review that are utterly lovely, and it enhances our family reading time because it incorporates one of the most important aspects of our daily lives in our reading- our faith. The Tiny Truths Bible has quickly become a favorite of both boys, and explains stories from both the Old and New Testaments in a way children can understand, appreciate, and enjoy.

A Kite For Moon is a good read aloud book inspired by Neil Armstrong. It’s about a boy who dreams about visiting the moon every night as he gazes at it… and one day grows up and does The images encourage children to dream about what could be, and the moon on the cover and throughout the book seems to literally glow. Another beautiful book, for our book shelf or to give as a gift. My boys have scanned through the pages multiple times, just admiring the pictures as they read and dream.

Little Sweet Pea, God Loves You is so sweet, filled with tender images of mother and child animals throughout that are so endearing, it’s perfect both for new moms and seasoned moms to read to their children. I read it to my boys, or at least attempt to, because they find it so cute they read it to me and tell me which mother/baby animals remind them of us. They’ve sat me down to read it to me about five times already ♥︎

I don’t have a daughter, but I have a few beloved nieces, and I plan to share the FaithGirlz NIV Ultimate Bible For Girls with them. It is a standard Bible that is filled throughout with inspiration specific to girls about many life issues, challenges, and milestones they may face. It’s beautiful, with a floral foil hardcover, Treasure This moments, Bring It On challenges to make young ladies think, and pretty feminine flourishes throughout. A lovely Bible for young ladies who are ready for a regular Bible (after they are done with the Tiny Truths Bible stage).