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Empowered Healthcare For Alpha Women

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Alpha Medical

There have been times where life was super busy, and I had to halt everything to spend a day in a doctor’s office (after waiting 2-3 months for my appointment), waiting to ask for a prescription refill. I missed work, sometimes my prescription regimen was disrupted during the interim, and I spent half a day sitting alone in a waiting room, bored and annoyed. And really, did I need to wait 4 hours on a chair to ask a doctor for a prescription for an acne medication or a refill for birth control?

Many women use certain prescriptions regularly and shouldn’t miss doses for optimal effect, yet because of their proximity to a doctor’s office, a recent move, or many other reasons, find it difficult to make it to a doctor appointment in time to get a renewal, and it can really screw up their regimen. Oral contraceptives are less effective with every missed dose, which could have life altering results, and there are medications that women use that really don’t require a full doctor visit, so they shouldn’t have to jump through hoops for a refill of something they’ve been taking for years. Luckily, Alpha Medical is providing a service for women who can’t wait six or more weeks for an appointment with a new doctor to get a prescription for birth control they need now. Alpha females just can’t take a day off or hire childcare just so they can ask their doctor to prescribe Lunessa or Benzaclin for their skin, and they shouldn’t have to stress out if they recently moved to a new area and can’t get a doctor appointment for over a month (very common in my area on Long Island, NY- when I was first seeking out a general practitioner and trying to make a first appointment for a general well visit check-up, wait times exceeded four months!).

Alpha Medical offers everything from the comfort of your home (telemedicine is awesome), and consultations usually take about 10 minutes. You simply answer questions and provide information that may vary depending on the product you are seeking. Alpha Medical offers birth control (pills, patches, and rings), Latisse (the serum that can give you gorgeous eyelash growth), and certain skincare products for acne or fine lines. After your online consultation, products are shipped directly to you, usually within 2-5 days. I ordered mine on July 3rd and they arrived July 5th (right after a major postal holiday) so Alpha knows that getting you your prescription quickly is important to you. Alpha Medical was formed with the goal of increasing access to care for some of the country’s most common, underserved and under-treated medical needs with low medical risk including birth control, inadequate eye lashes, skincare, and even emergency contraception to keep on hand. For many women, this can be a life-saver.

I recently joined Alpha Medical and completed a quick consultation, and soon my prescription was on its way to me. In fact, it arrived two days later (with a postal holiday in between) so it was super speedy, and their shipping is usually between 2-5 days. Thereafter, you are subscribed until you cancel, so you always get the prescriptions you need without waiting! Alpha Medical ensures women like me who continuously are required to wait (sometimes over a month) for a checkup the ability to obtain what I need when I need it, without any disruption in my care, and the products are affordable. Shipping is free, insurance is accepted for birth control, and oral contraceptives for those who don’t have insurance are offered at a much more affordable rate than my local pharmacy offers. What a great service for us Alpha Women!

The items arrived in discreet parcels, carefully packaged with a notification that pharmacy partners are ready to offer consultations about the products should I have any questions. They included samples of Revitalizing Cleanser for me to try out too, as well as a small zippered pouch for the O.C. and a tote for the facial products- nice surprises! There was no waiting at the doctor’s office or on a line at the pharmacy. Women shouldn’t have to wait for basic care. Alpha Medical easy, affordable, and makes life better for me and thousands of other women. Visit Alpha Medical to find out if they are available in your area now.

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