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Capture The World From Above With The Mavic Mini Drone

This is a partnered post.

My tech-loving family wants the coolest gadgets, and what is cooler than a drone?? It’s a sort of futuristic fantasy to be able to view the world from anywhere… except it’s not, because drones are available now for those among us that are curious, adventurous, love photography or film, letting us capture life and the world from the sky. Techies everywhere will have a blast with the DJI Global Mavic Mini, a foldable drone that creates vivid, clear aerial shots with a 12mp aerial camera, and 2.7 Quad HD video recorder! It’s powerful, fun, easy to use, and with superior stability, all those amazing shots will be perfect. Making a short film for friends or a class? Capture digital images from above for great b-roll. Just love checking out life and people watching? You can do that too!

Because my children love creating home movies and are creative, they would love this. They can follow wildlife that flies above our roof, or anything else that interest them. Personally, since I LOVE love love taking pictures of my family, events, community, I would love it to capture life at our home and in our town! The idea of having it float around during an outdoor fair or block party, capturing our neighborhood in action, would be something everyone would love and want a copy of, so I’d be able to share fun times with everyone and save the memories for myself too. How awesome is that?? Footage and shots of outdoor parties, weddings, and more can be captured from a more interesting angle, for up to a full 30 minutes of flight time.

The the DJI Global Mavic Mini is ultralight at only 249 g, and transmits 4km HD video. A remote control allows you to direct it and maintain a high definition, low-latency video feed even at a distance of up to 4km away! GPS controls make you the director of your own Hollywood production, and the steady quality from a 3-axis motorized gimbal makes watching your footage more enjoyable. The days of shaky home movies from boring angles are over!

The Mavic Mini’s QuickShot modes, which include Dronie, Circle, Helix, and Rocket, enhance the effects with elaborate preset motion, and the automatically generated short video can be shared with friends instantly on social media. When you slow down the flight speed, you can make image capture even more precise and stable- you are in control! It’s particularly effective when you direct your Mavic Mini through narrow or harder to navigate spaces. You can’t get up there, but it sure can, and you can direct it through some tight spaces!

There is an app that makes controlling the Mavix Mini easy- the DJI Fly app. It gives you integrated access to SkyPixel, which is a social media platform just for users to share their aerial photos and videos with others, and even share and discover great areas near you that are perfect to use it in. Why not discover some great, hidden places?

Ready to take your aerial imaging technology to the next level? You need the DJI Global Mavic Mini!