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Those Crazy, Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

The summer has begun with a bang, with the boys doing everything from hitting local church fairs and miniature golfing, to us joining our newly renovated local pool (it’s amazing!) to cool off on these wonderfully hot days. After a looong, frigid winter, I am loving these 90º+ days and hope the summer at least feels like it’s lasting a long time.

(please excuse the graininess… when I’m out and about, often my iPhone is the only camera I have with me)

Ice cream and running around is mixed in to many of the activities, so the boys are having a blast. I just can’t believe it’s July already… does anyone else feel like it’s already speeding by too fast? We need 3 month long summers!

A last goodbye… for the piano teacher

And of course, the start of summer piano recital with their just-retired piano teacher, the last before we start lessons with our new teacher this month. It’s been a great run- almost a year and a half!- and my older son loves playing the piano so much that I feel really blessed our piano (and such a great teacher) came into our lives. We made it a priority to find a new teacher to continue his lessons, because it’s a wonderful thing to see your child love something so much ♥︎

My younger son is no interested in continuing lessons (he hasn’t found his “thing” yet, and was basically tagging along on lessons to sit on the bench for about 10 minutes and learn a few songs). In the future, hopefully we can share what he does love to do. For now, it’s just random fun summer things… we plan to spend our mornings reading and doing a little “summer homework”, and our afternoons being relaxed and having fun doing outdoor activities the boys love.