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Surviving Cold and Flu Season Like a Champ

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Vicks. The opinions and text are all mine.

Kids, schools, play dates, sports, germs… it’s a part of life, and unless you live in a bubble, you will be exposed to it all. Along with the colder weather comes the risk of catching a cold or coming down with the flu, and that can mean missed work, missed school, and missed fun. We are pretty careful this time of year to reduce the chance of getting sick, and stock up on our favorite products to help us feel better in case we do anyway. Today I’m going to share my favorite tips to help you get ready for the months ahead too, so you and your family are always feeling good as you snuggle into the wintry season.

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So how do we prepare for the chilly, dry winter weather, minimize the likelihood of getting a cold or flu, and handle it when we do so we don’t feel so terrible? Here are my tips:

Surviving Cold and Flu Season Like a Champ

1. Wash hands all the time! Hand washing can be drying to skin, especially during the winter, so we always choose a moisturizing, anti-bacterial hand soap to reduce dryness while still getting rid of germs caught from doorknobs, handles, shared items, etc. I keep refill bottles of scented anti-bacterial hand wash in every bathroom of the house, and we wash our hands throughout the day, especially when we return home from school or work or doing anything outdoors.

2. Stay hydrated with lots of fluids. We particularly love hot soups and beverages that warm you up while keeping you healthy. Think soups, broths, hot cocoa and hot chocolate, etc. My favorite winter comfort foods tend to be hot too, including hearty chilis, savory stews, and body-warming soups and pot pies. They are chock full of healthy veggies and protein, which is always good when you want to keep your immune system in top shape. Eating healthy and staying hydrated will help.

3. If you have kids, tell them that sometimes, sharing is not caring. No sharing of drinks, utensils, and anything else that is germ-laden. Teach them about the “vampire sneeze”- sneezing into your elbow instead of the air or your hand- and utilize this trick yourself to know spread germs to fellow parents, kids, or co-workers.

4. Stock up on your armory against symptoms. Vicks products are available at Walmart and can help you feel better if you do get a cold or flu. It’s our standby, particularly Vicks VapoRub, when any of us feel sniffly. Between the soothing feel of having it rubbed into their chest, and the invigorating smell that fills the air and clears their airways, it’s an item we keep year round, especially since symptoms of a cold and flu can last a week or so, and no one wants to be miserable for so long! Plus, many Vicks products now have VapoCool technology, which releases a rush of Vicks vapors just like the VapoRub! It’s important to stock up on sickness essentials before you get sick, so you aren’t running around looking for a 24 hour pharmacy at night when you can’t sleep and feel terrible. Walmart has our go-to Vicks products, and right now you can save at Walmart!

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