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Lunch with the Grandparents

The school year is almost over, so the homework load has begun to lighten, and we have more free time after school and on weekends. End of year stepping-up programs, music recitals, and talent shows are on our mind these days, and once those are over, we will be facing over two glorious months of free summer vacation time. I know the boys can’t wait, and I’m stocked up on water guns, walkie-talkies, Nerf toys, and more to fill up their days as they race around in the sun each afternoon.

Now that we have more free time, that means we get to spend more time with the grandparents, a surprisingly rare thing considering how close we all live to each other. Between lessons, book reports, events, and more, life becomes so hectic even seeing the most important people becomes a rarity. That made our Sunday with the grandparents a huge treat for the boys, who enjoyed lunch together with them outdoors on a very beautiful day.

There were many things we could have done- eaten gyros and rode on rides at the local church festival, partaken in an epic water gun war, shopped till we dropped- but just spending time with beloved yaya and papou was good enough for them on this fine day… and lots of fun.


(he whole-heartedly agrees)