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Time For An Upgrade? Google Pixelbook Does It All

From time to time I hear a friend complain about her outdated adfasf, and wanting an upgrade but not really sure what is new in tech. We all wonder which sadfds will best serve our needs, and there are so many options and permutations of those options that is quickly becomes overwhelming and confusing. Luckily, the Google Pixelbook solves that dilemma, by offering a new high performance Chromebook with optional Pixelbook Pen1 responsive stylus pen to have an incredibly affordable, versatile, portable laptop and tablet anywhere you go!

It’s sleek, high-powered, allows you to blog, shop, create, draw, connect, sell… whatever you do online, you can do it anywhere, and with style, with the Google Pixelbook. Whether you are online for fun, use your tablet for work, or hand it over to the kids to learn- it does it all. It’s the first laptop with the Google Assistant built in, so you can get even more done, and faster. It offers a great collection of helpful and useful apps to enhance your work and play, and it is powered by Chrome OS, ensuring you will always have the latest security and software features (plus, Chrome is just the best browser in my opinion).

The beautiful design is ultra thin and sleek- just 10.3mm- and will convert to fit your style, however you like to work best! It converts to four different styles (4-in-1 design) with a 360º touchscreen. It’s light because of the aluminum construction, so you can pop it into your backpack or purse and go without any heavy weight. Pixelbook starts up in under ten seconds, so it’s ready to go when you need it, and it continues to run fast. The battery charges quickly and lasts all day (up to ten hours) on a single charge.

To access Google Assistant, you can use your own “Ok Google” wake word or the dedicated Google Assistant key on the keyboard, whichever is easier for you. If you opt for the fabulous Pixelbook Pen1 stylus pen, you can even access Google Assistant with it- just press and hold the button and then tap the pen on the screen of the Pixelbook to get help. Cool! Easy!

Save $100 on your own Google Pixelbook

For a limited time, you can save $100 of the purchase of a Google Pixelbook. Offer runs from March 25th until April 7th, so you can have a brand new, versatile laptop/flip top/tablet in your hands in no time! Purchase the optional responsive stylus- Pixelbook Pen1- and you can create graphics, mark with precision, sketch images or edit photos, and more! Google Pixelbook offers GSuite apps that are automatically backed up in drive (with internet connection) so you can work on the go and feel assured your work is saved. And of course, you can watch movies and favorite TV shows with apps such as Google Play Movies and YouTube Red (without internet or Wi-Fi if you download them). Those will be some relaxing long road trips if you have kids!

Other apps include Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Photos and more, and Google apps are known for offering exceptional quality and features uniquely free to just Google. It’s sort of a no brainer… Google Pixelbook is a great choice!