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Ensure You Get Your Max Protein – For Strength + Better Health

This post is sponsored by Ensure, however all opinions are 100% my own. #Perkupwithprotein #Ensuremaxprotein #Linqia

As women get older, they need different things to be healthy and continue to be as active and vibrant as they were in their younger years. In particular, a woman’s need for protein increases after 40, and I recently learned about just how much our diet is lacking from actress Kate Walsh, who is so passionate about self-care and the importance of protein after a health scare that she now enthusiastically work as Ensure’s spokesperson, promoting their high protein shakes, Ensure Max Protein Nutrition Shakes.

Ensure Max Protein Nutrition Shake comes in two delicious flavors that I had the opportunity to try out in shot glasses at our meet-up, Café Mocha and Milk Chocolate. I took a sample of both flavors, and love the Ensure® Max Protein Café Mocha Nutrition Shake so much, I can see it being something I pour over crushed ice to start my day. It’s utterly yummy and has 100mg of caffeine (a good replacement for your morning cup of coffee, which doesn’t have any protein or nutrients). Both flavors have 30 grams of protein in each carton, with only 1.5 grams of fat and one gram of sugar. Both also have all nine essential amino acids and 22 vitamins and minerals, so it’s a great way to start the day or keep going…. I can see why Kate is so excited about Ensure Max Protein Nutrition Shakes.

I am so happy I joined the meet-up at Ground Central Coffee Shop, because I learned a lot from both from Kate Walsh, and the lifestyle and health changes she made after discovering she had a brain tumor, as well as Abby from Abbott, who shared nutritional information based on recent studies. I’m sharing below some of the tips I learned from listening to each share their experiences and information.

Lifestyle and Healthy Tips From Kate Walsh and Abbott

1. After 40, a woman’s need for more protein increases greatly, because we lose significantly more muscle mass with each year past 40 than we do under 40. We can exercise more to build up muscle (and should), but we need to make sure we are getting enough protein in our diet to feed those muscles and keep them youthful, supple, and healthy. Ensure Max Protein Nutrition Shakes provide 30 grams of protein each (that is a lot, about as much as 5 eggs), and having one or two a day can easily take care of a woman’s protein needs.

2. Sleep is extremely important, probably what Kate felt was what she prioritized most after turning 40. Focusing on what matters, meditation, and enjoying things and activities that make you feel good are also all very important parts of self care and a good quality of life.

3. It doesn’t matter how you ate when you were younger, nutrition in your 40s, 50s, and 60s matters and you very likely can’t eat the same way. It catches up to you, and prevention is better than cure. I loved Kate’s statement:

Promote a proactive culture of healthcare instead of reactive, waiting for a disease to take action. – Kate Walsh

Variety matters too, however, because it’s hard to stick to a diet that is extreme, so life changes that are easy to stick to are better than any that are effective for a short time but you just can’t realistically follow with your lifestyle. A few popular diets and trends were discussed, such as Atkins, Paleo, etc and while many are effective, if you can’t fit it into your life, the diet isn’t sustainable.

4. Most of us don’t get anywhere near as much protein as we need. The amount we need depends on our age, level of activity, weight, and other factors, and most of us (of both genders and all ages) would be surprised to find out we just aren’t providing our bodies with enough protein and other important nutrients. We need protein for cell turnover, to build muscle and be strong… we need it for everything! Abby shares that even with a well-rounded diet with meat and eggs, we still often do not get enough protein. An Ensure Max Protein Nutrition Shake provides at least half your daily protein need in one nutritional shake, taking one worry off your plate.

Ensure Max Protein Nutrition Shakes aren’t designed to aid in weight loss, but they are satisfying so can be used as part of a healthy diet whether you are trying to lose weight or not, and they can help you recharge (especially the Ensure® Max Protein Café Mocha Nutrition Shake, with its caffeine boost and espresso flavor!). They are available at Walmart (it’s available other places too, but Walmart’s famous for their everyday great prices and has the grocery pick-up option to make it even more convenient, so we get them here- my husband actually likes them as his morning shakes because he grew up drinking original Ensure since he was young).