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Welcome To The Fishing Boat

The boys have been wanting to go fishing. My husband is sooo not interested in fishing, so when he was invited by the school PTA to a Father-Son fishing excursion the school was hosting, he didn’t sign up. We didn’t know my son heard about the expedition in school anyway and asked if he could go, and then my husband felt badly. So when his friend asked if we’d like to join him on his boat one day for a fishing trip (he goes two to three times a week), my husband said yes, happy to make our son’s wish come true.

And so, we all went fishing together for the first time, out in Smithtown Bay, New York.

I had fished as a child with my father, about 25 years ago. He used to take my siblings and I out to Montauk on Long Island where we’d perch on a large rock in the water and fish off the sea side. I only went a couple of times (I don’t think my dad liked how much I struggled to bring in the fish- I was about 7 or 8 and was in learning mode, not hobby mode). For my sons and husband, our trip out to Smithtown Bay Yacht Club was completely a first time for fishing.

After we settled in on the boat and our friend and host, David, found a good spot to start, he cut up the bait (salted clams- fish love this) and baited the hooks. Then, he let each of my sons join him in turn to cast out a line for the first time to catch fish. We caught lots, and pretty fast. Most were thrown back (David prefers specific types of fish) and two were kept.

We sailed around for a bit, looking for new places to cast our lines. David has a device that detects schools of fish, and he can tell by the digital readings which type of fish they likely are, their sizes, and almost exact locations. We enjoyed the gorgeous views as we sailed. It was soo relaxing, and the salty air smelled wonderful. David showed my son how to read the dashboard a bit, though at five I’m not sure how much he understood, and was really patient. My older son caught two fish, and my younger son kind of sort of caught one. He wasn’t thrilled his was a catch and release fish, but he was happy to have pulled on the fishing pole a bit when there was a tug, so that was good enough. He thought he could take the fish home as a pet, not understanding that the fishermen here are actually catching their meals.

My goal this summer is to try many different things with the boys, so they can experience a variety of sports, hobbies, and recreational activities, and have an idea what they love and want to pursue. I know they love ice skating, piano, and Tae Kwon Do, but haven’t really done too much else outdoors. Now we discovered, they like fishing ♥︎