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Stocking Stuffers To Brighten Up The Holidays

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The holidays are merry and bright, and part of the reason is because twinkling holiday lights, scented candles, and Energizer® are lighting things up. I had been racking my brain for great ideas for stocking stuffers and gifts for our friends who are as adventurous as we are, and of course the latest illuminators from Energizer came to mind- mainly because they are products I would love and use myself, and so would my family.

Stocking Stuffers
Stocking Stuffers Holidays

Have a co-worker who likes to jog at night? Do your neighbor’s children love to play outdoors after dusk too? Does your best friend love to take her dog for a walk every morning before everyone wakes up? These all describe me and my family, because we are still going after the sun has set (at 4:30 pm!) and like most people, we don’t live life during daylight hours only. Energizer headlights and flashlights are the perfect gifts for all, starting with the Energizer® Vision HD headlight to let them enjoy their hobbies when the shorter days would otherwise keep them indoors, and the Energizer® Vision HD performance metal light with Digital Focus to stay out later, with three light modes and 400 lumens to make those after dark treks outside safe.

Stocking Stuffers Energizer

Gift them in a little stocking with a note letting them know despite the less than optimal weather and time of year, you support that they are #stillgoing strong, whether they are staying fit, playing and exploring in their backyard in the evenings, or working on DIY projects late into the night.

Need help picking the right stocking stuffer for your friends?

The Energizer® Vision HD headlight is a dimmable, wearable headlight that allows you you head out into the night with your way lit up, hands-free. It features bright lights of up to 180 lumens with three different light mode options (depending on the amount of light you need). In addition to the dimming feature, the light can be directed with pivoting functionality so you can shine light where you need it. It’s a great option when you are working on a project in the dark and need your hands free to work, and still need lots of directed light. Think car repairs, DIY projects, etc. It’s weather resistant and has been drop tested up to one meter so if you are changing a tire in the rain, it will work as hard as you do! Energizer® Vision HD+ Focus LED Headlights would actually make a great gift idea for anyone who drives- a necessity in the glove compartment. It has a run time of 8 1/2 hours on high and almost 50 hours on low and depending on the model usually costs between $15 and $30.

Stocking Stuffers

The Energizer® Vision HD performance metal light with Digital Focus allows you to control the powerful, 400 lumens of light with a single button and features digital technology. It has a powerful spotlight with natural daylight color, which transitions to a full flood light, and then a flashing light as you press the alternate the functions. The exterior is a very sturdy aluminum allow and it lasts a full four hours on high. It’s perfect for anyone who is walking the dog, going for a run, anything that has the on the road after dark (even in rainy weather) and not only lights the way at full 115 meters ahead, but alerts cars that a pedestrian is present. I love the winter, but I don’t like having my late day walks curtailed, so I love the Energizer® Vision HD Performance Metal Lights flashlight! There are a variety of models and they cost between $15 and $25.

Stocking Stuffers Safety

Learn more about Energizer Vision HD headlights and flashlights here to decide which ones are right for your friends and family.