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Protect Your Home Investment with Rock Doctor

Granite countertops is one of the most popular upgrades in homes, and because the results can be seen- beautiful stone counters in your kitchen and bathrooms, stunning floors, or a gorgeous dining room table that is the centerpiece of family meals- it’s no wonder it’s so popular. The resale value of homes that invested in granite countertops is greater as well, so a family that adds granite to their home adds value for their own lives, and for future owners as well.

Of course, now that you invested in such a beautiful upgrade, you want to maintain it so that you can enjoy your beautiful counters and floors for many years (and keep them looking amazing should you ever want to sell your home down the line). Rock Doctor offers three products that care for your granite, including a Granite Cleaner, Granite Polish, and Granite Sealer, and all work to safely clean and protect your granite stone counters and tabletops.

Clean it up

Rock Doctor Granite Cleaner is safe to use daily, and won’t stain sealed granite. Instead, it cleans soil from granite, marble, and even stainless steel, while leaving a fresh scent, and doesn’t leave any streaks or residue. It can clean granite that is heavily soiled, and does not contain CFCs that deplete the ozone, so in addition to doing a great job of keeping stone surfaces clean and lovely, you can feel good you aren’t harming the ozone. Note: granite cleaners should only be used on sealed granite.

We have both quartz and granite counter tops around the home, and appreciate how much Rock Doctor makes the kitchen look more beautiful. There really is nothing like the look of natural stone, and we love it so much we are considering trading in our wooden dining room table for one that is stone, because I love how it looks in the homes of our friends. I don’t have to worry about maintaining it now that I found Rock Doctor, and can’t wait to makeover the dining room.

Polished to a sparkle

To really make those gorgeous natural stone counters and tables shine, Rock Doctor Granite Polish enhances the natural beauty and colors in stone surfaces. It works on granite, marble, and other natural sealed stone surfaces. It dries fast and leaves a beautiful shine with a water-resistant protective coating that contains emollients and carnauba wax. These work together to fill in tiny cracks and imperfections and restore the stone surface to its original smoothness and glory.

The protective properties of Rock Doctor’s Granite Polish is a great way to protect natural stone from being blemished by glass rings, etching, or spills- just natural occurrences in daily life. Instead of scolding your family to be careful, Rock Doctor reinforces the granite so it can handle people better. It can even make old surfaces look new again. Like all cleaners, it should be used on sealed granite (and luckily Rock Doctor makes a granite sealer too).

Protect your investment

Granite, like all natural stone, is porous. This means care needs to be taken with liquids, because if they spill they can stain that beautiful granite countertop. Rock Doctor Granite Sealer can help take worry away, by creating a long-lasting barrier on your granite to help repel liquids from seeping in, stains from setting in, and other hazards. Once you install granite, it’s a great idea to clean it with Rock Doctor’s Granite Cleaner and then follow it up with their Granite Sealer, so it can penetrate and deeply bond the natural stone to provide protection, and definitely use it on older granite to restore and protect it starting now.

Rock Doctor Granite Sealer is water-based so it’s safe for all natural stone surfaces and grout, and one can will help protect up to 100 square feet of natural stone. Granite stone is very durable, but because it’s naturally porous (like all natural surfaces), it needs to be protected, and regularly applying the Granite Sealer can take a big worry off the minds of homeowners.

Rock Doctor also sells tile and grout cleaner (makes cleaning the bathroom shower tiles and kitchen backsplash miles easier) as well as a stainless steel cleaner and protectant for sparkly appliances that help repel fingerprints (my sons touch everything and leave their marks). Everything you need for a beautiful, sparkly, clean bathroom and kitchen- a complete stone care system!

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