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How Veterinary Oncologists Can Help with a Pet Cancer Diagnosis

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Pet cancer is becoming increasingly common in American pets. Cats and dogs are now living longer than ever before, and cancer is one of the many diseases that threatens to cut their lives short.

If your pet is diagnosed with cancer, you will have a lot to think about and discuss as a family, such as pet cancer treatment options, expenses, and the welfare of your pet.

A veterinary oncologist will be an important part of your decision-making process. VRC in Malvern, Pennsylvania, has an oncology team that can help you better understand your pet’s diagnosis and treatment options.

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Since there are so many kinds of canine and feline cancers, the first thing your pet’s oncologist will do is explain the type of cancer your pet has and what it does. Pets can suffer from many of the same cancers as humans, but there are some cancers that you probably won’t know anything about, and a veterinary oncologist can explain the ins and outs of the cancer to you. It is a good idea to bring a notebook and pen to your appointment so that you can take notes.

While there are hundreds of resources online for owners of pets with cancer, having a veterinary oncologist to help you is the most valuable resource. Your pet’s oncologist will explain to you how the cancer can be treated and what you should expect from the treatments. Many pet cancer treatments are similar to those used in humans. Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and other common treatments can all be used on our pets, who tend to respond well to these treatments.

The oncologist can also describe even the subtlest cancer warning signs so that you can be on high alert in the future. If your pet has a recurrence of the cancer, you will be better able to spot early warning signs and get your pet back to the oncologist for possible treatments.

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Unfortunately, some cancers are untreatable or terminal. Speak with the oncologist about your options. In some cases, it is more humane to euthanize a dog suffering with untreatable cancer. In other cases, you can make your pet as comfortable as possible for the remainder of its life and enjoy the time you have left.

If you suspect that your pet has cancer, you should make an appointment with a veterinary oncologist as soon as possible, because an early diagnosis can lead to a better chance of remission for your pet. For pet owners in eastern Pennsylvania, consider a phone call or appointment with VRC.

VRC also operates a 24-hour animal hospital for all the times when unexpected injuries or illnesses occur at times when your regular vet can’t see your cat or dog. If you have an emergency, cancer-related or otherwise, you can bring your pet into an emergency room right away. For those who live near Malvern, Pennsylvania, VRC is a great option.