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Father’s Day Gift Guide

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Single Edition Media.

Good dads deserve to be celebrated on Father’s Day with awesome gifts, and both my own father and husband are pretty darned terrific dads. Men can be hard to shop for, because they don’t see shopping as a hobby and tend to only but things they need- so many are just plain practical like that. They do have things they actually want though, so for Father’s Day, why not get them something they would love and enjoy, and maybe have been secretly wanting?

Gifts for Fathers Day under $100

For the man who loves good music

The classics are always available on vinyl, and my husband still has his record player. I remember an uncle once telling me that music on an MP3 does not sound as smooth as music on vinyl, and it just never can, so for those who really love good music, a record is still the way to go. Surprisingly, many agree with him, because record sales are still going strong, and the people who buy them tend to love the best kind of music. Legends like Johnny Cash, and Bob Seger have their hits available on vinyl from Universal Music Group, and Cash’s career spanning album is available not for the first time on vinyl ever (think Ring of Fire, Hurt, and I Walk The Line spanning two records).

If he collects music, you know they only have resale value if they aren’t on digital, and if your husband or dad just likes to sit with some whiskey and listening to great music, the sound will never be better on anything other than vinyl, so surprise him with something he probably never expected, and never knew he wanted until he got it. Universal Music Group’s catalog of music is the largest, most diverse and culturally rich collection of music ever assembled, and big points for giving him a gift that will help him relax and take him back ♥︎

Yumminess, with a masculine twist

I love Edible Arrangements. I know my husband does too, because when I surprised him with the Fruit & Fire Bouquet™ Orange Swizzle Berries® that is part of the NEW Sizzlin’ Grill Line from Edible Arrangements® recently, he at almost the whole thing by himself in a single sitting. He was actually gleeful when he saw it, and ate it up after eating an entire dinner. It is filled with pineapples and melon shaped into flames, smoke puffs of grapes, chocolate dipped strawberries with orange swizzle that looked like charcoal, and chocolate dipped banana coals.

It was a very cool looking arrangement that looked like flames shooting out of a barbecue grill, and it was very delicious too, and I realized he probably loves it even more than I love receiving a dozen long stemmed rainbow roses. And that is really saying something. It was a major treat seeing the van drive up to deliver our fresh arrangement that was made that morning just for him. In the end, he is also left with a really cute souvenir grill to store his manly trinkets.

You can get $10 off a $50+ purchase at Edible Arrangements here with the code BLOG6704 until June 18th.

Keep his heart healthy

I recently found out you can take a medical-grade EKG reading anywhere in 30 seconds, with Kardia Mobile from AliveCor, an FDA-cleared, clinical grade mobile EKG monitor. Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the U.S., and stroke is the third leading cause of death and #1 cause of serious long-term disability. This means that not making sure your heart is in good health can lead to a drastically deteriorated quality of life, and when you love your dad and your husband (your heroes), this is the last thing you’d ever want for them.

Kardia Mobile is a teeny device you can carry with you or even attach to your smartphone or a gadget. The service that monitors you is app-based, and it provides instant analysis for detecting atrial fibrillation (the leading cause of stroke). Kardia Mobile gives dad the power of his health back into his own hands, and allows him to take a medical-grade EKG reading anywhere and can relay the info to his doctor for instant analysis and diagnosis.

The AliveCor app is free to download for iOS and Android devices, and it tracks the five modifiable risk factors for stroke including heart rhythm, blood pressure, weight, physical activity and resting heart rate. What is amazing is that Kardia Mobile is only $99. What a reassuring way to make sure dad has good heart health and not at risk for a stroke whenever he feels he needs to check ♥︎

To style his groovy hair

My sons are not at all bashful about styling up their hair. They love to look at themselves in the mirror, throw water on their head, and create spikes and parts and flips. Grown men also want to look handsome, but unless they know what to get, they usually just use water too, or whatever perfumed hair products his wife has laying around that look like they may be sticky enough to hold a style (and like asking for directions, many men don’t want to ask their wives about hair styling products). Luckily, he doesn’t have to ask… you can just surprise him with Sexy Hair: Hard Up gel to give his coif some staying power.

sexy hair gel for men

The Sexy Hair: Hard Up gel has staying power and adds some shine, and there is no girly smell to this men’s hair gel (it just smells refreshing) so he won’t feel so aimless when it comes to looking good anymore. No worries about flakes, and if you want to have a fun moment with your hubby, apply it for him and tousle it up for a cute, boyish look that is totally charming… the best sexy hair gel for men!

Because he’s active and trendy

Men tend to be pretty active in general, and they can really work up a sweat. Many men also love technology and the latest inventive ideas. Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt is actually a shirt that cools the wearer when they get hot and work up a sweat- it not only absorbs moisture, but with HydroFreeze X Cooling Technology, it cools when wet up to 30º cooler! Very trendy and kind of futuristic.

arctic cool crewneck shirt

arctic cool crewneck shirt

Arctic Cool developed Hydrofreeze X Cooling Technology for wick away sweat and disperse it, while causing a sort of evaporative cooling between fabric and skin. It’s apparel science perfect for your athletes! Sweat activates the fabric so it’s wicked away and dispersed evenly throughout the clothing fibers, so all areas are equally dry. Confusing? Just get it, it works and is ideal gym gear for those days he hits the gym to exercise. The crew neck is a great basic shirt that looks good and is versatile and lightweight, and the logo is light reflective. And despite being really unique fabric, it’s machine washable and durable, and even antimicrobial.

Create a little package out of a valet filled with everything on this page, including Sexy Hair hair products, for the best Father’s Day gift ever… he will get everything he’s been wanting and didn’t want to ask for!

Happy Father’s Day!