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Quite Possibly The Most Amazing Baby Monitor Ever

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Arlo Baby. All opinions are 100% mine.

When my boys were born, there were baby monitors available, but most just displayed grainy video feed and maybe alerted me when my son was woke up. I didn’t really feel impressed and rarely used them, especially since I knew when my son woke up- an ear splitting cry would ring through the house. I didn’t need a baby monitor that sat on a desk and transmitted staticky noise to tell me a thing.

Over time, baby monitors started to incorporate video, and the video quality became better with newer models, so even though my second son was already one, I knew it was a worthwhile investment. I could see him while he slept, and if he woke up I could see if he was crying, or if he was simply waking for a moment and would nod off back to sleep. It was amazing, and I realized having a baby monitor is almost a necessity whether you have babies or not. It’s wonderful to be able to watch your children in other parts of the house and make sure they are ok when you aren’t near them.

arlo baby camera monitor

A Smart Baby Monitoring Camera that is actually utterly brilliant

Today, the Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera is beyond all those earlier models. It’s a smart baby monitoring camera with 1080p HD video (very sharp and gives a wide angle view to you can see everything in the room), a 2-Way Talk feature so you can hear and talk to your baby, plus a smart music player to play lullabies (or any music you like) to soothe your baby. It also has motion and sound alerts, night vision so you can still get a clear picture of your child in total darkness (the invisible infrared LED lights won’t bother a sleeping baby), and with the Arlo Baby app, you can stay connected from anywhere (even outside the home- even at work or away on a business trip), and chat with your baby or child. It’s amazing!!!!

arlo baby camera monitor
arlo baby camera monitor

You can even record your own voice to play to your child on the Arlo Baby, and because this is a smart baby monitoring camera, it also has air sensors that check air quality (like the temperature, humidity, and VOCs level) and alerts you if anything is not good. This cute little baby monitor pretty much does it all, from letting you view and talk to your baby, to making sure they are safe in their environment. The lullabies that are included are gentle versions of classics… and there is still more.

The Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera also features a smart multi-colored night light that lets you choose the colors to display, and the brightness and warmth, without even stepping foot into their nursery. If your child seems to find a little light, and a specific color of light, soothing, you can set it up as needed, from anywhere. The built-in rechargeable battery lets you move it around anywhere without having to look for an outlet or worry about tripping over a wire, and you can set it up high on a shelf with a good view of everything to give you peace of mind.

arlo baby camera monitor

Finally, Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera can tell when a sound is your baby crying or something else, so you know if you need to head over to your baby or not. You can keep track of it all via the free Arlo app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, so your child’s face is just a couple clicks away. The free Arlo app is available for iOS, Android, Apple TV and web browser.

Sometimes I want to keep an eye on a visiting baby during a play date, other times I want to make sure older tots are safe, and either way, the Arlo Baby is an amazing baby monitor that really does it all. It is a terrific gift idea for expectant parents as well as yourself, because it will be years before you stop worrying about what your children are doing elsewhere in the house, so years before you actually outgrow the Arlo Baby monitor. Get it when your kids are babies, and you may still be using it to chat with them while they are playing in their playroom years later, giving you their snack orders. It’s simply brilliant.

arlo baby camera monitor