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Busy Back-To-School Days

Special thanks to CLIF Kid & POPSUGAR for being a sponsor and providing Zbar Filled snacks for us to try. All opinions, ideas and content are my own.

We are getting ready for going back to school, and it has been busy. We are in and out more than ever, between back-to-school shopping, first days at school, and starting up after-school activities and lessons again. The autumn is definitely the most hectic time of the year! Both kids are in grade school this year for the first time, and both will have after-school activities almost every day of the week.

I’m spending so much time driving everyone here and there, so I make sure to always have a few things ready to go: 1) My audio books on my phone (to occupy me during all that waiting and driving time), 2) CLIF Kid Zbar Filled snack bars in my purse and inside the car’s storage areas for the boys to easily reach when they want, 3) bottles of water, and 4) hand wipes- lots of wipes. So many of their activities involved dirt and grass (think baseball and soccer) so those are pretty important!

My stock makes our on-the-go times at the start of each day and after school while heading to outdoor activities much easier, because the boys are usually thirsty and hungry and need a nutritious snack.

CLIF Kid Zbar Filled snack bars are organic and nutritious, with quality ingredients that give them energy and keep them full. That means even on days when I find out they have a practice scheduled suddenly right after a piano lesson, I know they won’t get hungry or fussy.

Getting a filling snack into my kids’ bellies means they will stay focused and have more energy for every activity they love to participate in, especially those that require them to be more active and engaged. Every year we seem to add on more after school and weekend activities, and they don’t want to give any up once they start and love a new activity.

My sons each have a personal favorite snack and hobby. My older son loves swimming lessons and Zbar Filled Double Peanut Butter bars most- they keep him going between school and hockey clinic, piano lessons, Tae Kwon Do, and of course, swimming lessons.

Yep, that’s a lot, and nope, he won’t give anything up. He is motivated and loves to do lots of things, and can’t bear the idea of a week without music or hockey pucks.

My younger son loves Tae Kwon Do lessons and his CLIF Kid Zbar Filled Chocolate filled with Peanut Butter best (probably because of the chocolate), and it helps when he has to go to both swimming and Tae Kwon Do in the same evening after school.

He dropped a few things (thank goodness) because even for him, too many fun lessons are still too many, and he needs more time to focus on homework this year now that he’ll be getting homework daily too. I convinced him to save some activities for seasonal fun. Summer will be back again, along with long days needing to be filled with recreation for my adventurous boys, so no need to overfill his schedule during the school year. It makes it easier on me too!

CLIF Kid Zbar Filled Organic snack bars are also available in a very tasty Apple filled with Almond Butter flavor; there are five snack bars in each package, each filled with creamy, delicious nut butter. How do you stock your car to help you when you’re on the go with kids? You can find more about CLIF Kid Zbar Filled snack bars here!