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My Kitchen Helper

I’ve been spending lots of time in the kitchen lately, and the most overworked appliance is definitely a tie between my toaster oven and my stove top. I used to use my oven quite a bit more, but when you’re crunched for time, waiting for a large oven to preheat (especially for a small meal) seems wasteful. As a result, my oven is almost retired and my toaster oven is used daily to cook and bake.

And I finally have a toaster oven that helps this multitasking mama get more done! My BLACK+DECKER® Extra Wide Toaster Oven is roomier, fits more, and has a large window so I can see my food cook. It can fit a 12 inch pizza and is affordable, so we definitely found the right toaster oven for our lifestyle.


It now sits in the center of my kitchen counter, and not only makes my every day easier, but will make the holidays a breeze because it will help me get more done at once when it’s time to cook for the family. So excited about it, and to think I didn’t even know BLACK+DECKER® made small kitchen appliances until recently.

A gift that really keeps on giving

Looking for a gift idea? How about a gift that makes life easier- for everyone. New homeowners can start cooking homemade dishes from the first day in their new home, the kids can make themselves dinner when they are hungry and the parents are late coming home from work, grandparents who are only cooking for one or two can still enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal… pretty much anyone could use a high quality toaster oven.

BLACK+DECKER® Toaster Ovens are simple to use and cook food as well as my oven. It can also toast 8 slices of bread or broil a single steak when I’m the only person at home and in the mood for a great steak.


BLACK+DECKER® Toaster Ovens have many great features, and I wanted one that is a convection oven, so the food is cooked evenly. Mine has a single rack (with three position options) as well as a tray that attaches to the rack to catch spills, and a crumb tray. It makes it easier to clean, so I can get more done during busy holidays and spend less time cleaning my toaster oven.

Why give a hostess another $50 bottle of wine or fruit pies when you can show them you are really grateful, with the gift they could use every day for years to come? Wrap it with a big red bow and make someone super happy ♥︎

This year we are going to be guests at other homes during the various holidays, so of course I plan to come bearing edible gifts! Here are my Turkey Meatballs that I made in my new BLACK+DECKER® toaster oven to bring for all to enjoy… particularly all those kids at the party who hate Thanksgiving turkey (like mine do) but love meatballs.


Make the holidays easier and more fun

Cooking for lots of guests? You may need all your kitchen appliances working if everyone is coming to your house this year, and BLACK+DECKER® has a full line-up of gorgeous small kitchen appliances to help, like BLACK+DECKER® slow cookers, rice cookers, and of course, toaster ovens. It will make getting through a busy holiday season so much easier when the tools in your kitchen are simply made to help you create incredible meals. This may be the first holiday you really look like you have it all together!

Find BLACK+DECKER® products on Amazon for gifts or to treat yourself ♥︎

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BLACK+DECKER®. The opinions and text are all mine.