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The Best Family Movies of 2016 + A Review Of Zootopia & A Fandango Gift Card Giveaway

Today we saw Zootopia at our local Bow Tie Cinema, a funny animated film that made for a terrific Saturday laughing together in the theater. Ever since we discovered how easy it is to order tickets online at Fandango (and found ourselves surprised by how well our sons behave when transfixed by a good movie) we began to go at least once a month as a family to the movies.


Zootopia Movie Review

Here are some of our thoughts on Zootopia, along with some background info…

Who were the moviegoers? I took my two boys (ages 4 and 6) and two of their friends (ages 4 and 7), along with my husband and me.

Our favorite family movies Just to give you an idea of movies we love, past favorite family movies include It’s A Wonderful Life, Peanuts, and Minions.

My personal favorite movies: Some Like It Hot, Good Will Hunting, and Braveheart

The Zootopia story:
Zootopia is fabulous. The general plot is about a brave bunny who wants to make a difference, so she decides to be the first bunny ever to become a cop. Her precinct is in Zootopia, where there is great division among the animal kingdom as they try to overcome the old world ideas of Predator Vs. Prey, and create a new, united world of love among the species. Lt. Judy Hopps wants to jump in with both and pave the way for justice to prevail. Can she succeed? Who are the real perps? And can one creature really make a difference? Watch to find out!

What parents will like A funny movie with action and humor that engages the children, and also makes adults laugh is a great aspect of a kids movie, and the ideals taught- loyalty, hardwork, honesty, friendship, and belief in equality of all creatures- are exactly what I want my sons to learn.

What kids will like It’s funny, and children get the jokes. There is a lot of action, a lot of silliness, and it doesn’t stop… they will be entertained and happy from beginning to end.

Concerns None, this movie is child friendly. There are scenes of bullying, such as one where a fox child strikes a bunny child in the face with a clawed paw and cuts her. These provide a great opportunity to parents to discuss bullying with their children.

Rating on a scale of 1-5 Buckets Of Popcorn I give this movie a 5! We all loved it, and would watch it again or recommend it to anyone without reservation.

Positive themes: Judy Hopps is positive, friendly, caring and loyal. She is an idealist who looks for the good in others, and she believes anyone can do anything, no matter who you are or where you’re starting out. Her motto: “I just don’t quit!”

Violence/scare factor: 2/5 Scene of bullying and animals drugged to be “savage” (they were given the essence of flowers that cause rage).

Sex/Romance: 1/5 There was no romantic storyline at all.

Bad language: 1/5 There was no questionable language.

See the Zootopia preview here!

zootopia review

fandango family ambassador

And if you are looking for more great Family Movies to watch, the #FandangoFamily lineup can be found on the infographic below (we plan to watch sooo many of these this year, and if you order tickets on Fandango, you get the skip the line!):

Family Films 2016 Movies Fandango

Fandango $50 Gift Card Giveaway

Tweet me @_Penelope what family movie you are excited to see with #FandangoFamily hashtag for a chance to win a $50 Fandango Gift Card! Ends March 24, US only 18+. Good luck and have a fun summer at the movies!