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Teaching Our Sons How To Iron + A Giveaway

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Faultless Starch. The opinions and text are all mine.

Everyone is crazy about a sharp dressed young man, and I have three. My husband wears a uniform to work every day, my older son wears a uniform to school, and all three wear crisp shirts and pressed pants to church on Sundays. It’s no surprise that quite a bit of ironing goes on around here.

teaching children to iron-2

Faultless® Premium Starch is in our artillery for helping my guys attain a spiffy, polished wardrobe. My husband has always taken pride in how he presents himself, and my sons are learning to do likewise. They are at an age where they want to emulate anything that adults do, and that works well for me, because raising young men who can take care of themselves and always make sure they look handsome and presentable will be a major advantage in their lives.

My husband spent Saturday afternoon ironing his uniforms and suits, and we taught our sons how to iron their school uniform shirts. They stood by on their little stools and watched while dad sprayed their button down shirts with Faultless Premium Starch and patiently showed them how he smooths out creases and wrinkles. Then he let them try it too, carefully guiding them.

teaching children to iron-5

It was really fun time together ♥︎

If you are ready to teach your children how to press their own shirts and clothing (because daughters need to look sharp too), it will be a skill that will benefit them when they go on job interviews, work in their future professional careers, or go out for the evening to dinner and the opera. A man that is clean cut and sharp looking is never out of style. Using Faultless Premium Starch will make it easier to smooth those dress shirts out perfectly for all those times it’s important to look their best, and it will keep their clothes looking new, because it’s the starch that performs and reduces ironing time.

When it’s time for your sons to go off to college, send them off with a mini-ironing board, an iron, and Faultless Premium Starch. It will reduce their ironing time and they won’t have to deal with clogs, flakes, or spotting. One day, they will thank you.

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faultless premium starch

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