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More Ice Skating

The boys love to ice skate, and we are definitely going to continue their ice skating lessons during the summer. They each have their own awesome instructor, young ladies with lots of patience with wee ones who make the ice skating lessons fun for them, and I have so much fun watching them skate around while laughing and (sometimes) falling.

It’s also a great chance for me to whip out my camera and take pictures of them doing something they love, without it feeling forced or me asking them to pose. I can capture them in their element, having fun and being natural- just what I love to see when I look at pictures of them.

iceskating days-3
iceskating days-6
iceskating days-8
iceskating days-9

My older son can now ice skate backwards (slowly and carefully), ice skate on one leg, and can do this thing (don’t know what it’s called):

iceskating days-4

He’s also starting to spin, which I find super cool. I always wanted to do that when I was little, but my parents didn’t think taking lessons in things like ice skating was very relevant, so that wasn’t going to happen. I learned to skate by just flailing onto the rink in rented skates one day with friends, knowing I could only go one way and struggling to make it to the other side of the rink where the exit was. It was sort of like learning to swim by being thrown into a pond and told to make it back to shore yourself.

Still, I loved ice skating around while a dj played popular music. It was wonderful and I felt free, and so needless to say I love that my sons enjoy it as much. Luckily, ice skating is a sport both boys love, so I can take them to lessons at the same time with their own separate instructors. They’ll skate around in their own private sections, and sometimes pass each other in the rink and scream “hi!” to each other as though they ran into an old friend they haven’t seen in years.

My littler dude? He goes out of his way to fall down. He thinks it’s funny and spends a lot of time sliding around on this belly.

iceskating days
iceskating days-2
iceskating days-12
iceskating days-13

When he asks me if he can skate for six more minutes, he shows me how many fingers that is… in case I don’t know. If he explains to me that six minutes is short, like just six fingers, I’m more likely to say yes.

iceskating days-14

Of course, I say yes. Of course ♥︎