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CVS Has A Lighter Footprint + What To Do With Those Long Tail Receipts

Luckily I’m a crafty person, because I’ve been receiving long tail receipts from CVS pharmacy for years, and when it wasn’t a coupon I could use, it became paper for a To Do list or origami animals for my sons to play with. Who wants waste? We all want to leave a lighter footprint and lead greener lives, so I made good use of those CVS receipts while I had to.

cvs long tail receipts

To Do lists:

cvs long tail receipts-5

Paper airplane competitions:

cvs long tail receipts-4

Party and home decor:

cvs long tail receipts-6

Apparently I’m not the only one who thought those receipts were too long and learned that not only was Jimmy Kimmel against them, but once he decided to run for Vice President, they became a priority in his campaign. The folks over at CVS Pharmacy swiftly responded with a greener and cleaner option- digital receipts.

CVS Pharmacy now offers Digital Receipts

CVS Pharmacy is allowing guests to sign up for digital receipts, saving a receipt-making tree. Customers no longer have to stuff the longest receipts ever into their pockets and purses to peruse later for potential deals- it’s all via email and digital. All your ExtraCare Rewards can be sent to your ExtraCare card via the digital receipt, making all your coupons ready to be redeemed next time you shop. And you don’t have to worry about losing your receipt if you need to review a purchase, because you can just search your email when you need it. It’s a quick one-click process- a really great solution!

Thanks Jimmy Kimmel! We’ll #ReceiptYouLater.

(although now we have to find another source of paper for confetti and To Do lists)

Bye-bye long tails receipts!!

cvs long tail receipts-3

CVS Pharmacy is committed to transforming its stores into premier health and beauty destinations by focusing on placing high-quality and trusted products on its shelves to help their customers live their healthiest life. I remember when news broke that CVS wouldn’t sell cigarettes in their stores anymore, instead focusing on helping their guests to quit smoking. It was a strong statement that the health of their customers was a priority over profits, and selling a product that wasn’t optimal to good health is against their mission.

Digital receipts are another step in the right direction, showing that CVS Pharmacy cares about how it impacts us all.

Do you have a funny way of using up those long tail CVS receipts that you don’t use? Share it with CVS Pharmacy with #ReceiptYouLater on any of your social media (pics are especially appreciated, and the funnier the better- do you make Barbie clothes with them?) and I’ll retweet and reshare them.