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A Life Insurance That Rewards You For Living Healthier

This is a sponsored post.

Life insurance isn’t something that many of us think about unless we’re faced with the loss of someone, and wondering how the family is going to financially get by once someone is gone. Or maybe we want to make sure our children are financially secure when we pass… way, way in the future. It’s not usually something we feel is pressing at the present, and as a result, not enough of us are prepared with life insurance.

But what if your life insurance made your life better right now? What if you had a life insurance that rewarded you for taking good care of yourself and doing all those things you resolved to do every New Year, like eat better and exercise more? A little fun motivation could go a long way, and that’s why John Hancock life insurance with Vitality wants to improve your quality of life for the many years you’ll still be here, and give you perks for doing so.

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I recently visited the John Hancock Vitality Marketplace Event at Grand Central Terminal in New York City to find out what exactly the folks over at John Hancock are doing, and what I learned is that they want to reward members for being healthier with lower premiums, retail incentives, and a fun app with random prizes like gift cards.

If you eat healthier by shopping for more nutritious food options, John Hancock life insurance with Vitality— and the new HealthyFood benefit— will reward you further, including incentives of up to $600 off your annual grocery bills (that’s three free weeks of grocery shopping for us!). Now you have more reason than ever to visit your doctor, exercise, and eat healthier. Many of us know the basics of eating healthy, but in the moment, it can be tough to make healthy decisions. That’s why John Hancock brought those everyday food choices to life at the John Hancock Vitality Marketplace at Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

john hancock vitality event at grand central penelope guzman

I had the opportunity to speak with Michael Doughty, President and General Manager of John Hancock Insurance, about the HealthyFood program. This gentleman is very passionate both about reaching out to people to make worthwhile choices when it comes to financial planning and their future, and truly inspiring them to live a better quality life. He said he feels very lucky to have a job that he knows makes a difference and helps people, and it inspires him and his team to look for ways to do more for their clients, like they did when they introduced John Hancock life insurance with Vitality.

At the John Hancock Vitality Marketplace there were interactive stations where we could learn about the new HealthyFood program. I already love healthy foods, so I was happy to snack on avocados over bagels, and baby carrots with hummus over pretzels, and I also learned that the average person only walks half as much as they should each day, and really doesn’t exercise as much as they should. I can definitely make some improvements myself too.

Chef and restaurateur Tom Colicchio stopped by the John Hancock Vitality Marketplace to serve up healthy foods and showed how you can get rewarded for the everyday healthy food choices you make:

Ready to learn more about a life insurance that rewards you for living longer and better? Visit JHRewardsLife.com.

I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.