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The Indoor Campout + “Campfire Bites” Recipe

The cooler weather means less time outdoors, and after a summer where my sons discovered camping, I felt bad to tell them those days were at an end. There is something very fun about spending the night not in their beds that seems like a major adventure, and they loved sleeping on the ground and staying up late to tell stories and made-up jokes with only a lantern to give them light.

So we brought the camping inside!


The Great Indoor Campout

With a canvas teepee, campfire books, lantern, and yummy RITZ “Campfire Bites”, we recreated the best parts of our fun camping times, but in our warm, cozy, safe house. The boys slept on the floor, a safe toy lantern and faux log fire to set the mood, and they stayed up late telling each other silly jokes and snacking and reading out loud.


They loved all of it, and can literally spend hours in their little hidden fortress of solitude (which incidentally makes a great reading nook). They would bring new toys in after a while, take naps, or just hang out. Personally, I got a real kick out of the RITZ “Campfire Bites” I created- I think I deserve lots of mom points for these.


RITZ “Campfire Bites” Recipe

To make these RITZ “Campfire Bites”:

RITZ crackers
cheddar cheese
fire roasted hummus or spicy hummus
yellow and red bell peppers, sliced very small (for “flames”)


1. Coat each RITZ cracker with a little hummus for a base, and place a cheddar cheese log on top (cheddar cheese cut into log shapes as shown below).
2. Add a little more hummus on logs and place sliced peppers vertically around logs for fire.


Celebrate the little moments too

The change of season marks passing time, and parents everywhere wish we could slow time down! Our indoor campout was a great chance to make more memories and have fun with my boys even though our days are so busy this time of year. We don’t want to wait for major life events and milestones to celebrate, we want to enjoy the little moments too. My sons love RITZ, they add to the richness of our days by enhancing the fun and making tasty treats even more delicious, so we add in some RITZ to celebrate the moments that matter. RITZ has been part of the lives of families since 1934, and it’s a big part of ours too.

Connect with RITZ on Pinterest for recipes, inspiration and ideas for the rich moments in life. Happy camping!