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Decorating Our Home For The Holidays

We are preparing for the holidays, and I always loved Christmas decorations. The flowers of the season, such as the Amaryllis, are so beautiful and helps us anticipate the coming holidays even more. This year we are growing our own Alfresco Amaryllis, from Jackson Perkins in a white ceramic pot, which blossom into white petals- something a little different from the traditional red Amaryllis.

We started to grow our Alfresco Amaryllis recently and can’t wait to see it bloom. It usually takes about six weeks so we have another three and a 1/2 weeks. Right now we are watering it and giving it sunlight while keeping it in a cool place…

… and soon expect to find this:

We are also decorating the house with candles and lights, and added a felt Advent calendar that hangs on the wall and offers the boys daily treats and surprises. We spend our evenings reading favorite beloved Christmas stories, as well as new ones we found this year.

holiday decor

The boys are helping us, because they are old enough and excited about it (they’ve been wanting to for years) so we just make sure our candles are flameless and they are good to go, adding their own decor flair where ever they want (including any crafts and ornaments they make for me at school- my favorites). And I’m in a silly mood so I got myself Mrs. Santa gear, starting with an apron to cook everyone holiday meals with ♥︎

holiday decor tips

And now that our table is holiday ready with a simple snow-white damask tablecloth and golden pine cones that the boys spray-painted in school, we know exactly where our Alfresco Amaryllis in Modern White Ceramic is going to go when it has bloomed- right in the center!

There are many beautiful centerpiece and holiday decor ideas at Jackson & Perkins, as well as trees and wreaths, and gift ideas. If you would like to beautify your home with beautiful flowers, inspired decor ideas, and unique lights, visit and plan out your home’s decor for the holidays.

This is a partnered post with Jackson & Perkins.