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Work Out To Look Good. Look Good While Working Out.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sports Authority . All opinions are 100% mine.

Getting in shape is important to me, and I have three very good reasons why I want to be around a long time, fit, healthy, with great stamina…I need to be able to keep up! This last year I finally returned to my pre-mommy weight, and it was the result of finally realizing diet wasn’t enough…I needed to respect my body, get off the couch, and get moving to get in better shape.

So this last year, I started to exercise.

champion gear

I’m going to share what I’ve been doing further down, but I have to admit something first. It’s hard to want to go for a run or to the gym if I don’t love how I look, so discovering Champion GEAR apparel was a great motivator. It’s vibrant, sassy, and flattering, and it’s tech-driven- Champion GEAR apparel offers compression to support and comfort muscles while you exercise, and advanced moisture-wicking fabric to keep you comfortable while you sweat (I mean perspire 😉 ). Seamless comfort allows you to move freely and reach further with each workout, and it features reflective details in case your work-out takes you out on the road after dark.

Champion GEAR offers apparel for both men and women, and I loved these pieces (super cute…they make me want to exercise, or even wear them to run to the mailbox):

Champion Gear apparel for women

1. Champion GEAR Women’s PowerTrain V-Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt (in Flashlight)
2. Champion GEAR Women’s 2-Tone Seamless Capris
3. Champion GEAR Women’s Marathon V-Neck Short-Sleeve Running T-Shirt (in Odyssey)

They made me feel great, just so very comfortable in my own skin while working out, and are a great price both in store and online.

champion gear

So now, what I’ve been doing to get in shape:

1 Go for a morning run at least three mornings a week to get my heart pumping- aerobics!
2 Started lifting light weights to start getting some tone back into my arms, and not feel shy about wearing anything sleeveless.
3 Incorporated some Tracey Anderson into my routine…she is tough! This is the hardest part, but will probably make the most difference in the long run.
4 Stopped going back for seconds and thirds when it came to carbs…that helped a lot too.

champion gear-2

My husband likes to work out in the gym with weights as well, he loves the treadmill, and won’t say no to a friendly game of soccer with his buddies, so Champion GEAR would be perfect for the men in our lives who work up a sweat as well…keeping them dry and comfortable. It’s All Gain, No Pain when it comes to our apparel (wish I could say the same for Tracey Anderson!).

You can find Champion GEAR exclusively at Sports Authority.

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  • Stacie

    I love this stuff! I still haven’t found workout clothes that are really, truly comfortable to me. I’ll have to give this a try!

  • Ora Lee Gurr

    Congratulations on the weight loss! I still have a ways to go. Motivation is definitely hard, but nice-looking workout gear helps bring it on.

  • Jeanine

    I love the shirt and pants! So nice, and look super comfy. I would love to grab these!

  • Catherine S

    This looks like some great workout gear. I think it is time to go do some shopping.

  • Debbie Denny

    Great clothes. They do look comfy

  • Amy Desrosiers

    You look really amazing! I need to start exercising more regularly as well. I could use some cute gear!

  • I love work out clothes. Now I just need to learn to love to work out.

  • Toni

    Congrats on reaching your weight goal! Your clothing does look like great work out gear.

  • Crystal

    Congrats! You look great, but must feel even better. Exercise makes such a difference in so many aspects of my life.

  • Rosey

    It gives us a nice boost of confidence when we look good, I agree. I think the pink shirt is uber cute.

  • Anne

    You look great! I need to just say no to carbs, but I love them so much!