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Soup as Good as Homemade @Campbells

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Campbell’s Soup Company . All opinions are 100% mine.

I love to cook for my family, but now that we have less free time, it’s often hard for me to offer homemade food every time my family sits down at the dinner table together. Campbell’s helps me out with Homestyle soups, so I check out delicious Campbell’s recipes to discover what’s new, because they are constantly offering new varieties of soups for us to discover and offer to our own families, as well as yummy recipes.

campbells homestyle

Most recently, I’ve been making Campbell’s® Homestyle Light soup… after seeing it described as “Soup as Good as Homemade”, I knew that’s exactly what I want to make for my men over here! And since it’s ready in only minutes, I don’t have to stress if my husband picks up a late shift or my sons take longer than usual with their homework, because I can even pop it onto the stove and make it when they coming to sit at the table, and have it ready to serve in only minutes.

campbells homestyle-3

Campbell’s® Homestyle soups start with farm grown vegetables, no added preservatives, and are available in 29 flavors. Whatever soup reminds you of your childhood can be the very same soup that one day remind your children of their childhoods…or pick new varieties of Campbell’s® Homestyle Light soup you haven’t tried before, since there are so many new flavors to pick from. Create memories around your dinner table together, because Campbell’s® Homestyle Light soups gave you your time back.

campbells homestyle-5

My favorite? I love the flavorful Campbell’s® Homestyle Light Baked Potato Soup with bacon and cheddar. It’s made with high-quality ingredients like big chunks of baked potato and tasty little chunks of bacon, and it’s hit with all the dudes in this house. The evenings are already so cool that a hot soup is a great way to end the day together while we sit around our fireplace and just relax.

Check out Campbell’s® Homestyle Light soup for those busy nights when you want to offer your family a soup that’s as good as homemade, and for those slow nights you just want to enjoy a delicious soup together with your family, instead of spending all your time alone in the kitchen. Visit @Campbells to find Campbell’s new products.

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  • Debra

    OMG those little Le Crusets are so adorable. I’d be eating this soup all the time if I had them!

  • Joy

    This soup looks good. I am a fan of campbells. Looking forward to trying this light selection.

  • Rosey

    I’d love to try it. And I really like the cute little soup set!

  • Christie

    I love a good hearty soup for fall. Love that Campbell’s has a lighter option!

  • Melinda

    that sounds like the perfect dinner for this weather. I think I’m headed to the store now for soup !

  • Tracey

    Hearty fall soups are my favourite. I love Campbell’s! They are my fav brand!