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Learn About The Importance of Cordless Window Treatments

Thank you to Smith & Noble for sponsoring today’s post about #windowsafety and #safeandstylish window treatments.

Once you have children, one of the first things new parents do is baby-proof the house. We love our little treasures and want to keep them safe, and there is so much that can harm children in a home that we take for granted until we see things through their curious eyes.

A major hazard are window treatments with cords, so we made sure our new home didn’t have a single window dressing with cords. Not only are they more beautiful and modern, but I never have to worry for a moment that one of my children could be accidentally strangled on a window covering cord- a thought that would terrify me with worry if I didn’t have safe window treatments.

No Strings:

outside my window

Smith & Noble offers cordless and motorized options for window treatments that meet or exceed stringent safety standards, and they are reaching out to teach parents everywhere the importance of having cordless window treatments in homes with children. I personally think they should be in all homes, because you never know, but at the very least, cordless windows should be a priority investment for parents with young children.

Smith & Noble has created videos that highlight the importance of having cordless window treatments for child safety in homes, and this one really struck a chord with me. Finding out that children die every year from strangulation by window cords, and that corded window treatments are one of the five most dangerous hazards in a home…it really strengthens my desire to encourage all parents to make their home safer. I hope you watch this to understand how important it is:

Saving Children’s Lives Video

And if you don’t have children, but have furbabies, you could be saving them too…some like to play with those cords and get tangled up!

Trade In Your Outdated Cord Window Treatments

In an effort to stress the importance of Child Safety Awareness, Smith & Noble is offering information to parents, including statistic on child safety, as well as solutions, a promotional offer to trade in your outdated window treatments with cords for $50 off each new cordless window covering, and a $1,000 giveaway contest. You can also view the extensive selection of cordless window treatment options they offer to redesign and beautify your home, including design ideas and free fabric samples. We chose to update our home with cordless top-down, bottom-up light filtering blinds for all our window coverings, including installing motorized blinds for two that are hard to reach.

hunter douglas motorized window shades with remote

Find design inspiration and order free fabric samples, or receive a free consultation by connecting with Smith & Noble on their social media:

Facebook: smithandnoble
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Smith & Noble is an active member of the WCSC (Window Covering Safety Council), and feel an obligation as a window covering industry leader to protect consumers from potential dangers by offering education and solutions that minimize or eliminate the risks.

Smith & Noble urges families to retrofit or replace any potentially dangerous window coverings with today’s safer products. WCSC and CPSC recommend that only cordless window coverings, or those with inaccessible cords, be used in homes with young children.