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Maximize Your Holidays + Focus On The Things That Matter

This post brought to you by Marriott Rewards Premier and United MileagePlus Credit Cards from Chase. All opinions are 100% mine.

Where are you headed for the holidays this year? Many people love to visit family, or simply take a getaway trip over the holidays during their vacation from school and work, so if you are one of many hitting the road this year, you are in good company!

We love to visit a new place each year and experience new adventures, and honestly, traveling is what makes me feel most alive. It’s just amazing to see how beautiful and diverse the world is, and makes me feel lucky I can experience so much of it. Because of that, I love to make the most of our holiday vacations, and I have learned to maximize them to make them most out of each.

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Tips On How To Maximize The Holidays

1. Plan. You don’t have to micromanage your vacation time at all, but having a bucket list of things you’d love to try to do, and working out possible days to do them, helps get you started and makes it more likely you’ll do all those fun things you always say you want to do. Once you write them all down, jot a few notes for each with ideas on how to make it happen.

2. Put the electronics away. We know we should, and we always say we will, but seriously, at least for a few hours a day, leave the phone on the charger inside the house, and step away. You get more done when you aren’t a slave to your smart phone, and you are more engaged in what you are doing if you aren’t reading your emails or checking who is texting you. Don’t you want to remember relaxing with hot chocolate and watching your children sled?

3. Invite everyone. There is no reason to compartmentalize important people to certain days, and spend your entire vacation on obligatory visit after visit with no time left to just enjoy the season or a new vacation spot. Have a big get together, and invite everyone who wants you to visit at once- the more the merrier- and have fun all together. The rest of the time, spend however you want.

4. Do new things. The best ways to make memories is being with those you love, and experiencing fun new things together…let each holiday be unique and special, and have all new memories of things you enjoyed for the first time together. And while you don’t want to waste time on your precious vacations, when it’s really fun, just get lost in the moment and make it last!

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packing up

So, where are you headed this holiday season?

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  • Theresa

    We aren’t traveling this holiday, but we will be having a huge extended family trip this summer that I am really looking forward too. And I agree, put the electronics away and just enjoy each others company!

  • Donna

    I am not sure we will be doing a whole lot over the holidays. If we travel to visit family though, I will for sure be turning off the electronics!

  • Toni

    We generally stay home for the holidays but I still love all your suggestions! Especially including everyone.

  • Joyce

    I’m still debating where and how I will spend the holidays. I usually stay close to home but maybe not this year.

  • tess

    We just got back from ur holiday vacation. I take advantage of points while on vacation.

  • Chrystal

    I have been trying to tell my husband for years that we dont need any more stuff. Lets take a trip. I think he finally is caving and we are going to go on a trip over Christmas break. Here in state, go skiing, but still, memories are better than stuff and things.

  • Kristi

    Some great suggestions. Getting together with friends and holidays is important, so making the most of the time should be a priority.

  • Christie

    These are perfect tips for a vacation! I agree, the more the merrier!

  • Melissa

    Great advice. I totally agree with no electronics {except for maybe photos!} and using a rewards system!

  • Shell

    I hope to travel some over the holidays. We always invite whoever over for Christmas, just to leave the option open.

  • Jeanine

    Love this. Yes, I’ll be focusing on only what matters this holiday season and thats my family!

  • Marina John

    These are all awesome tips! Especially inviting everyone. I’ve found myself scrambling from place to place trying to fit everyone in and it was no fun.

  • Candy O

    I’m so excited we are going back to Texas for the holidays. But I’ll be headed to DC and then LA in the coming weeks! So excited!

  • Cinny

    Hmm…nowhere really yet. I work through the holidays which is kind of sad, haha! I’m much in need of vacation.