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Welcome To Our Living Room

The living room is designed to be lived in, and a gorgeous, welcoming living room where everyone wants to spent time together is exactly the kind of living room I always wanted in our home. I also wanted to move past my typical black and cream tones and old-fashioned patterns I’ve become known for, and breathe new life into our home with new styles and fresh colors, so when I redesigned out living room with Raymour & Flanigan, I was ready to step outside my comfort zone and have some fun!

I opted for blue and brown shades, and the results were dreamy and cozy and elicit admiration from everyone who visits and sits in our living room…our makeover literally made our living room the most magnetic room in the house.

living room reveal-2

It all came together nicely when I look back at it all, and it’s even more wonderful when we are actually living in it, and enjoying it!

living room reveal

This comfy sofa, the Saddler Leather sofa, is perfect for snuggling on under some blankets while reading a good book, or playing together on, or if you are like my husband, curling up with a good cup of hot cocoa and reading a sports magazine. It’s become the centerpiece of our living room room, eye catching and delicious with its rich chocolately tufted leather.

saddler sofa
reading nook-6
reading nook-8

And my sons now adore this room, whether calling me over for story time on the sofa, or lounging around in and joking together before heading to the pool or school or soccer (or relaxing when they come back)… it’s their new favorite room in the house.

The details are what makes all these pieces from Raymour & Flanigan so wonderful; so many details that make each piece unique, beautiful, multi-functional. The nail head trim on the sofa and trunk, the lamp base with an arm that swings out to draw the light closer for reading, the coffee tables with extra seating and storage and functions, all well thought out and gorgeous and practical.

saddler sofa-3
saddler trunk-4
boka nesting tables

The Cambridge Slate Area Rug that is the foundation of our new living room is a rich grey blue with vines of leaves stretching across its tapestry, and goes perfectly with the chocolate brown leather of the Saddler Sofa and the Saddler Trunk (shown below). The Saddler Trunk opens up to reveal a large storage area inside that makes a great place to put extra pillows and blankets, board games, books, photo albums, anything, and when the top is on it’s extra seating or a stylish coffee table that matches the Saddler Sofa.

reading nook-2
saddler trunk-2
saddler trunk-3
saddler trunk

We separated the two Boka Nesting Tables to use as end tables, because they were just so pretty to be relegated to being solely brought out when we needed a few extra surfaces for guests. The space underneath the nesting tables was roomy enough that we added storage baskets to keep our sons favorite books and games, turning the living room corner with the Script Accent Chair and the Saddler Trunk into a kid-friendly reading nook. One of our Riverside Swing Arm Table Lamps adorns each Boka Nesting Table, so we can all read as we relax together in the evenings.

What do you think of our new living room? It’s more magnificent that I hoped, perfect for our family time and for hosting guests, and very affordable from Raymour & Flanigan. If you have ideas for your dream living room, you can find them at Raymour & Flanigan and with their white glove delivery service, not have to lift a finger to have it all delivered and set up in your home just where you want it all.

We partnered with Raymour & Flanigan to share amazing living room makeover ideas and our own choices for style and decor with our readers.

  • Rachelle J

    I love that couch! It looks really comfy and sturdy, so important when you have kids right?

  • Terra Heck

    Your living room is very pretty. I really like that area rug.

  • Christie

    What beautiful and yet functional pieces for families. I love the look and the relaxing and inviting atmosphere

  • melinda

    that sofa looks great. I love how deep it is

  • Ann B

    I love the sofa, it looks so comfy. I would love to do my living room again. I love the pieces you chose!

  • Debbie Denny

    That looks spectacular! Nice job, and the sofa- wow!

  • Beautiful! I love the rich color of the sofa and I love how the trunk also serves as a bench for extra seating if you need it.

  • Joy

    I recently redecorated my bedroom with Raymour and Flanagan furniture. I bought two couches from thrm years aog. I love them and have no complaints about their products.

  • Amanda

    Love the couch! The rug is great too! Such a great room.