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The Coffee Lovers Gift Guide #KACraftCoffee

Coffee lovers know that creating a good cup of coffee is an art, and the best gifts for those folks are coffee gifts that allow that to achieve that perfectly crafted brew. If it makes, enhances, or holds coffee, it’s the right gift for a coffee connoisseur.

KitchenAid offers a line of brewers for coffeephiles who particularly enjoy making their own craft coffee, with products designed to replicate the coffee house experience right in their own home. Plus, these look gorgeous on your counter top, so get it as a gift, or treat yourself!

kitchenaid gift guide for coffee lovers

Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

1 Siphon Coffee Brewer The science and complex flavor of siphon brewing comes from vapor pressure pushing the water up through the siphon tube. Then, vacuum suction and gravity draw the coffee down through the grounds. KitchenAid has simplified the process of siphon brewing to extract all the distinctive flavors of your favorite coffee beans in a medium-bodied, velvety cup of coffee for you.

2 Custom Pour Over Coffee Brewer Unlike drip coffee makers that continuously flood the brew basket, this new KitchenAid Pour Over Coffee Brewer precisely heats and pulses water flow to steep in the same manner as the manual pour over process, allowing coffee grounds to “bloom” for a full flavored coffee reminiscent of the coffee house experience. KitchenAid has taken the art of pour over coffee and automated it with the touch of a button!

3 Precision Press French Press Coffee Maker Brew a bold, full-bodied cup of French press coffee with the Precision Press, right at home. KitchenAid has developed this French press to give coffee lovers precise control over every aspect of the brewing process through an integrated scale and timer, and the results are amazing.

4 Burr Grinder Various brew methods require a specific grind size to extract the proper flavor, so grinding your beans to the precise grind size just before brewing is a key element in brewing the best possible cup of coffee. The Burr Grinder will take care of that for the person who wants the perfect cup, with stainless steel burrs that can grind up to 7 ounces of coffee beans at any of 15 grind levels, and quickly.

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