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Our Fall Recipes on Kraft – Creamy Garlic + Green Bean Chicken Casserole Recipe & Delicious Bruschetta with Seasonal Vegetables

I’m a member of the Kraft Tastemakers—a community of kitchen aficionados contributing my recipes and stories to KraftRecipes.com. Kraft compensates me for my time and provides me with materials to make the lovely dishes you see. My stories, my opinions and my tastes are my own!

September is a busy month around here, between back at school, shorter days, getting ready for the holidays, and more. With so little free time, I find myself turning to my favorite casserole recipes to help me serve my family tasty and nutritious dinners that don’t take too long to make, and fit perfectly into my meal planning.


Many casseroles are a mix of pantry ingredients that can be made anytime, and are perfect if you have last minute guests you want to offer a delicious dinner to. Today I’m sharing one of my favorite casserole dinners over on Kraft Tastemakers, Creamy Garlic + Green Bean Chicken Casserole. It’s a hit with family for a weeknight meal, or as a side when having a party. The variety of cheeses add a lot of flavor to the dish, and we sure love Kraft® grated Swiss cheese. It features a creamy, cheesy sauce on top of healthy grilled chicken and baked green beans. Head over to check it out!

Click For My Creamy Garlic + Green Bean Chicken Casserole Recipe

This past summer our garden vegetables were growing in so beautifully, so I started making a bruschetta appetizer /snack that includes some of those healthy veggies, and our garden to table recipe tasted great! Going into autumn, there are different vegetables to pick from that are seasonal but still delicious. You can find our Delicious Bruschetta with Seasonal Vegetables on Kraft too!

bruschetta directions

Click for My Delicious Bruschetta with Seasonal Vegetables

We added eggplant, tomatoes, and basil grown in the garden, and Kraft shredded mozzarella cheese as our convenient cheese topping (I prefer pre-shredded cheese, because cleaning cheese graters is no fun for me).

If you are looking for great eggplant recipes or fresh tomato recipes for your garden produce too, our bruschetta is great for lunch ideas, snacks for kids, or outdoor picnics.

  • Robin

    That sounds like a delicious casserole. It sounds like it would be right up my boys alley 🙂

  • Kay Adeola

    That casserole looks so good,I will have to give it a try I am sure my family would really enjoy it.

  • Beth

    That food looks so yummy. Making me hungry.

  • Ann B

    This is such an easy dish to make. I think my kids would love it. I will have to try it this weekend.