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Preparing For El Día de Los Reyes

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with JCPenney and DiMe Media. All opinions expressed are my own.

January 6th is Three Kings Day, the day that the three wise men who saw the star the night Jesus was born traveled for 12 days to see the holy newborn. These three kings wanted to venerate the true King with gifts of gold, myrrh, and frankincense, and it’s a very meaningful holiday in Latin America and in Hispanic communities across the U.S.

Many celebrate el Día de Los Reyes with festivals or parades, but in our home we celebrate this special day with family.

dia de reyes

We get together with family and have a celebration, and it’s the day we exchange gifts with people like my nana (who thinks gifts should only be exchanged on El Día de Los Reyes, and not on December 25th). We have a feast with sweets and music, and I give my sons additional gifts on this day.

We also read aloud the account of this event from the Bible and pray together for a healthy new year. My son loves to read so this year he will be the one reading the passage from the Bible and leading us with prayers he is learning in school, which completely fills my heart with pride.

Come Let Us Adore Him

I visited JCPenney to pick up items that would enhance our celebration, because they offer so much that is perfect for a Three Kings Day celebration, or to simply to beautify the home for any guests who visit on January 6th. JCPenney offers products such as home décor, kitchen gadgets, electronics, and fun gifts so we can decorate our home, entertain with flair, and surprise loved ones with presents they will love.

To celebrate Three Kings Day in our home I picked up the Marquis by Waterford Damask Tablecloth. It will be the perfect setting for me to set our family feast upon because it’s so elegant, and I can’t wait to use it for the first time with my family on El Día de Los Reyes next week.


I also found Star Wars® Episode 7: The Force Awakens Reversible Twin/Full Comforter Set for my son, who recently watched it with us at the theater and is a major fanboy. I wanted to surprise him with it, but he zoned in on the Star Wars sections at JCPenney like he had radar and went right for them, doing a little dance as he found each new item. JCPenneys offers a lot of Star Wars and Frozen themed gifts for kids, it’s everywhere and the deals right now are phenomenal.



At the very least, it’s not going onto his bed until January 6th after we celebrate. I also picked up a bunch of Characters Long-Sleeve One-Piece Hooded Pajamas and non-hooded as well- they have so many! JCPenney offers many more gifts for children and is the ideal shopping destination for gifts for any age, lifestyle, and budget, like Biddeford Plush Heated Throws, WoodWick Lavender Spa Candles, and a set of Trisha Yearwood aluminum non-stick cookware in a beautiful copper tone- gorgeous!

Visit JCPenney to shop for Three Kings Day, and check out JCPenney Latino on Facebook for tips on how to make your Día de Los Reyes celebration even more magical.